Jerome VS Blade Event! (Ends March 10th)

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What's up Baccas!

It's a special time of year! It's the time we get to celebrate both Blade and Jerome's Birthdays! (Happy Birthday!!!)

So in order to celebrate, we have a couple of things in store for you all to participate in. As you may have read in the title, this is no ordinary event, this is a battle between the two major figures of this server! However, you guys, the players, are going to be the ones in charge of who wins this standoff!

It works as follows, there will be a series of Daily quests you will be able to complete on each server. Completing a quest will grant you one bottle of Bacca Butt Shampoo per day! Once you have collected a good amount of Bottles, you can go to the spawn town to turn them in for cool prizes.

To help you guys out, I have decided to give you guys the number of how many daily signs are available to complete on each server.
Kanto, Johto, Hoenn:
- 8 Boss Trainers that...

Server Updated to Pixelmon 7.0.1

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What up Baccas!

All servers have now been updated to pixelmon version 7.0.1!

What does this mean? This means that we are now on the latest version that now includes all Generation 7 pokemon in the game! You can see everything added by going to and scrolling down to see their changelog.

We've also updated out technic launcher so you can get the mods here as well.

Another cool thing we have going on the server is Valentine's day event. For the next week on all servers, you'll be able to find a sign on the pokecenters(or at spawn for Survival). When you click on the sign you will be given a random gift, or maybe you'll have your heart, if you're really lucky you might even get yourself a Valentines Crate Key! You'll be able to use each sign once every 24 hours.

I hope everyone has fun on the server and I'll see you all there!

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