New Prestige System

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What up Baccas!

For a long time now, people have always wanted a way to be able to reset and restart their progress on the Adventure servers. Well, we heard you all loud and clear and have now come up with a new PRESTIGE system that will allow you to do just that!

To start, we're only going to be having this new system on the Kanto server so that we can see the interest people have in it as well as adjust any issues or anything else we may want to add to it. Once we're sure it's exactly how we want it, we'll be adding it to the other adventure servers as well (and maybe even the survival servers).

So how does it work, and what happens?

Once you've beaten the Champion E4, you can head back to spawn and check out the new Prestige area. It's important to note that by prestiging, you will be losing all items, all money, and all pokemon. This does include those attained from purchases. You will then be able to pick a...

PokePlay Christmas Event!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Bacca's!

It seems that Santa Claus has come to the PokePlay server and it looks like he needs you help. By going to spawn, you can see Santa's sleigh and you can go talk to him for more info and of course, you can start the event from there. If you can complete all challenges that awaits you in this event, you shall be rewarded, but you'll have to complete it to know what the reward is.

Mimikyu has grown jealous of all our Holiday Celebrations and is causing havoc across the servers. Santa is at the spawn area of all the servers looking for eager trainers to help rid a poor town of Mimikyu's corruption! You will be asked to complete a series of challenges to bring down Mimikyu and save Christmas!

Also as an addition, we have added hidden signs on every server that has a chance for rewards or give off some little tricks or even a winter crate key that was just added! These signs will be daily so you can try to get some rewards every day...

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