End of Summer Sale

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What up Bacca's!

The end of summer is here, but don' be sad because here on pokeplay it's been an amazing summer and we want to do something to show you! Starting today, we've started a 25% off sale on all the server.

So head on over to store.pokeplay.io now and pick yourself up something nice!

The sale will last all the way till the end of August 10t, so hurry before it ends, GO NOW!!

See you one the server!


Survival Diamond is now Released!

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What's up baccas!

I'm proud to announce that our new Diamond Survival server now is live! This server is being recorded by Bajan Canadian, you can check him out here or see his first video on the server at

This server is going to be a little different this time, the server will start out with just Gen 7 Pokemon, and will slowly be unlocking the gens as time goes by.

Hope you all enjoy!

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