Alpha Server Tournament

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What Up Baccas!

Tomorrow (Aug 29th, 2019) the Alpha server will be having its end of the season tournament being held by Jerome. The tournament time will be at 8 PM EST! This is being done to allow time for those over on PST to be able to participate as well and not be in school during the tournament.

As we are still working on testing and creating a system that is fully automated, this will only be done on the Alpha server for the time being and will be run manually by the staff team. Once we're able to finish the plugin and fully automate the tournaments, we will be able to run it across all servers and all timezones.

So get your teams ready for tomorrow and we'll see you there!


PokePlay 1 Year Anniversary Bash!

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It’s the One Year Anniversary of the Pokeplay Network, and we’re excited to bring you guys a series of events we hope you’ll enjoy.

How this will work, is over the course of the next 8 days (Up until and including Sunday the 18th of August), Admins will be running what’ll be known as PixelEvents on the servers.

During these events, the Admin will announce the task you have to complete in the time limit. (For example, “Catch as many Pikachu in 15 minutes” or “Defeat as many Pokemon as you can within 5 minutes”) The event will then start and the Timer can be seen at the top of your screen.

Completing the task will grant you points, (You can view your current score in the event with /pe score), and the people with the Top 5 most points at the end of the time limit will get a prize:

1st Place gets a Random Shiny Pokemon
2nd Place gets a Master Ball
3rd Place gets a Macho Brace
4th Place gets 15 Rare Candies
5th Place gets 20...

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