Shadow Pokemon Update

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What up Baccas!

Our science team has discovered a brand new breed of pokemon on the server! SHADOW POKEMON! Do you have what it takes to conquer their awesome power and add their strength to your team?

Head over to now and pick yourself up a Shadow Pokemon all for your own right now.

These pokemon are not just retextured pokemon, they come with new types, abilities, move-sets, and even evolution methods. For example, a shadow Riolu is no longer just fighting, it's now Dark/Fighting, and instead of evolving during the day, it will require it to be the night! It's evolution form Lucario will also no longer be Steel/Fighting, but instead, be Dark/Fighting!

The Stats GUI will not properly display the correct types as of this moment, but there will be an update coming that will fix that and display the correct new types.
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Coming Soon To The Server!

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What up Baccas!

So some of you may have heard from Jerome that this has been in the making for some time now. We're getting very close to its release now and we wanted to share with you a little teaser video to show off a few things that you can expect to see, but believe me when I say that this is only a small look at this update and when it's released fully, it's going to change the game completely!

The video was put together by our very own Admin team and rendered by Selina so be sure to hit them up and let them know how great they did on it all!

So now that you've watched it.... what do you think is coming? Reply to this post and let us know what you think and how excited you are!

Till then, I'll see you guys on the server!

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