OP Server Public Release!

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What's up Baccas!

Our latest server, the OP server, has just launched into the public release! This means that anyone can join!
We apologize for the amount of extra time it has taken for us to rule out the major issues during the beta, but we're finally ready to let everyone join!
Keep in mind that the server still has a player cap of people that are able to join the server, and so, those that have purchased a donor rank at any point will gain priority access to join the server.

We hope you all enjoy the OP server, and get your team training to the highest levels!

Mech Pokemon are Launching into Battle!

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What's up Bacca's!

Today we released a set of custom Pokemon that we've been working on for a while now! Mech Pokemon!
These Mech Pokemon can be purchased from the store here:

These Pokemon were specially designed with top of the line machinery developed by the Pokeplay Admin team.
Complete with different typings, stats, moves, and looks compared to their regular counterparts.
If you want to see the specifics of each Mech Pokemon, check them out on our wiki:

These Mech Pokemon are available for purchase on all Pokeplay servers!

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