More Rank Command Updates!

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======== Pokeplay Changes 6/5 ========
Today’s update will mostly be focused on adding commands to the Donator ranks as mentioned when we moved the EVs and IVs commands to be a command anyone can use. However, there’s a couple of extra things for everyone as well!

Fixed Power Construct on Zygarde, meaning you can now get Power Construct Zygarde using the reassembly machine!
Fixed Pokestop on OP not giving a Master Ball when the crate lands on it
/hunt tasks should have no longer than a 1-hour time limit before expiring, as a lot of feedback we received was that harder hunts lasted way too long. Let us know what you think of this change over time!

The following are changes to commands for the specified ranks. Those tagged as “Survival” are commands only available on survival servers as they have no use on adventure...

Massive Pokeplay Updates!

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======== Pokeplay Changes 5/28 ========

We've added A TON of new updates to the server to help improve both your experience now, and obtaining information into the future!

The #whats-new chat! From now on, any time we fix/add something new, even if it's the smaller things we usually don't bring up in our big announcements, you will be able to view those changes from this #whats-new chat. So be sure to check this often! (This chat also currently has the changelogs that came with the new Pixelmon version!)
FAQ Chat; here we will be posting answers to some of the Discord’s most frequent questions to make it easier for new members to find their way around the most common obstacles.

We’ve added brand new art and animations onto the Store! Check them out at!
Added a new format for Forums Recovery support to more...

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