Pokeplay.io Servers Have Updated to Pixelmon 8.0.2!!!

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======== PIXLEMON UPDATE 8.0.2 ========
The server is now running on Pixelmon Version 8.0.2 as of June 23rd, 2020. If you are using our Technic Modpack, make sure that it has updated to the correct version before attempting to log on!

Pixelmon Mod Changelogs:
Added new Pokemon!;
- Grookey - Thwackey - Rillaboom - Scorbunny - Raboot - Cinderace - Sobble - Drizzile - Inteleon - Skwovet - Greedent - Rookidee - Corvisquire - Corviknight - Blipbug - Dottler - Orbeetle - Nickit - Thievul - Gossifleur - Eldegoss - Wooloo - Dubwool - Chewtle - Drednaw - Yamper - Boltund - Rolycoly - Carkol - Coalossal - Applin - Flapple - Appletun - Silicobra - Sandaconda - Mr. Rime - Runerigus - Stonjourner - Eiscue - Galarian Yamask - Galarian Stunfisk - Sinistea - Polteageist
New Alternate textures for Azumarill, Aegislash-Blade, Shedinja, Claydol, Salamence, Porygon-Z, Greninja, and Ash-Greninja. The way to obtain these forms are currently...

More Rank Command Updates!

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======== Pokeplay Changes 6/5 ========
Today’s update will mostly be focused on adding commands to the Donator ranks as mentioned when we moved the EVs and IVs commands to be a command anyone can use. However, there’s a couple of extra things for everyone as well!

Fixed Power Construct on Zygarde, meaning you can now get Power Construct Zygarde using the reassembly machine!
Fixed Pokestop on OP not giving a Master Ball when the crate lands on it
/hunt tasks should have no longer than a 1-hour time limit before expiring, as a lot of feedback we received was that harder hunts lasted way too long. Let us know what you think of this change over time!

The following are changes to commands for the specified ranks. Those tagged as “Survival” are commands only available on survival servers as they have no use on adventure...

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