Weekend Sale! 25 - 50% Off!

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What's up, Baccas

That's right, this weekend we're going to be launching a sale across everything on all servers.

Everything on Johto and Survival will be 25% off all weekend long and everything on Kanto will be 50% off all weekend long!

So be sure to head over to store.pokeplay.io and pick something up for yourself before the sale ends!

(Times for sales are in EST, sale will go live right as it hits midnight and turns over to Saturday and will end at 11:59pm EST on Sunday)


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What's up, Baccas?

We have now setup the ability to vote for our serve! I know, it's been a long time coming.

The following are the links that you can currently go to and vote on!


Please feel free to go to these sites and vote for our server as it will help people discover us and join the server.

At the moment, rewards are not working fully, when you vote you should receive a Vote key for every link you use on all server. Currently however there is a sign by the Vote Crate you can use the claim one Vote key every 24 hours until rewards are fully working.

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