Poke Plays 2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

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Happy 2 Year Anniversary PokePlay!

It’s that time of year again! Our server is 2 years old as of August 11th! And we would love to celebrate this milestone with all of you!!

From now until the end of Sunday (16th) the servers will experience the following changes to celebrate the anniversary:

100% chance to capture a Sir Bidoof from catching a Bidoof in a Luxury Ball
Doubled the chance of a caught Pixelmon having its Hidden Ability
Doubled the chance of Shiny Pixelmon spawning

100% chance to capture a Sir Bidoof from catching a Bidoof in a Luxury Ball
Doubled the chance of a caught Pixelmon having its Hidden Ability
Doubled the chance of Shiny Pixelmon spawning
Doubled Boss spawn chances
Increased the Legendary success chance to 30%
Increased Meltan’s spawn chance by 25% but also increased the chance of it turning into a Ditto on capture by 10%...

Indigo Server is now out of Beta and Open to the Public!

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Thanks to the continued support of our beta testers, we’re glad to announce that our Indigo League Server has now left its beta period! All players are free to join in on the fun by downloading our technic pack, joining the IP play.pokeplay.io, and using the compass to join the Indigo Server!

As promised, with the end of Beta, this is also an announcement for the release of the Johto side of the server! If you have completed the Kanto Elite 4 and gotten your first Star Level. You can proceed to the Johto region by going through the reception gate west of Viridian City!

You'll find that the level cap has also raised to 200 for those that have made it to Johto!

We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

PokePlay Updates | Discord/In-Game Rules, Media Chat, Commands

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Discord and In-Game Rules:

We’ve re-visited our discord and in-game rules and made certain adjustments, clarifications, and additions. Please refer to the #rules chat on discord as well as /rules on the server to make sure you’re up to date.

Discord Media Chat and Submission Form:

This is for those that record and create content on any of our servers on Poke Play. Pinned in the #media chat on Discord, you’ll find a form that will allow you to submit your video for review. You will have to include your Minecraft username, your Discord tag, as well as making sure your Youtube account is linked to your Discord account. If your submitted video follows the rules listed on the form, it will be showcased in the #media chat for everyone to see! (This process will have to be done for every new video you post if you decide to post more than one).

Streamers who don't post video content have to be handled case by case as they will have to undergo a longer...

Indigo Server Rank Transfers and Apartments!

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We've got something really cool to release for Ranks Silver and up on the Indigo League server! If you have either the Silver, Gold, Master or Champion rank you can ask an Admin who is online to set up an apartment/house for you based on your rank!

Silver apartments get 1 double chest,
Gold apartments get 2 double chests,
Master apartments get 4 double chests,
And Champion gets 8 double chest and 1 single chest as well as the ability to customize their own house's colors!

Check out what each apartment/house looks like by using the warp sign located at the Saffron City Train station (Northwest corner of the city).
Please note that those abusing the /sethome privileges that come with these apartments will have their /home ability removed. We hope you all enjoy this addition to the Indigo server!


But many of you may now be concerned over your donator ranks that haven't been able to be transferred to the Indigo server yet. Due to some issues...

New Indigo League Server Coming to Pokeplay!

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We have some large announcements to be made regarding our new Indigo League Server. If you missed the previous announcements about this upcoming server, check out the trailer for it here;
As well as looking over our previous announcements on Discord which you can join here: https://discord.gg/P6z32VE

First off, we’re glad to announce that the server will be opening for Beta access on July 10th! The Beta will consist of the Kanto portion of the map, and the Johto portion will open up to players that have completed the Kanto Elite 4 when the server comes out of beta.

But as many have asked, what will happen to the current Kanto and Johto maps and players’ progress on those? We went through a lot of options trying to decide the best one to go with. Unfortunately, we came to the decision of closing the current Kanto and Johto servers, and not being able to transfer people’s original progress with them. We are...

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