Pokeplay's Community Survival Spawn Building Competition!

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A calling to all building enthusiasts in the PokePlay community!
As some of you may have noticed, with the number of survival servers we have, it doesn’t really feel right to have all their spawn areas look the same. Don’t you think? So Blade and the Admins have come together and decided to give you guys the opportunity to show us what YOU believe the spawn should look like on the survival servers.

Keep in mind that we have a total of 7 Survival servers at the moment, which means that we’ll be on the lookout for 6 possible new spawns to add in! We’d love to see your creativity, ideas, and passion for the server come to life in your builds.

The following are some Rules and Guidelines that must be followed:
  • The current sizing of spawn is roughly what we want new spawns to be around. So that’d be roughly 300x300 as far as the general area.
  • Your build should be created in your own world, and not on the server. This means that creative mode IS...

Labor Day Sale

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What up Baccas

Starting right now and going till Tuesday (Sep 3rd, 2019) our store will be having a 30% off sale to celebrate Labor day!

That's right, EVERYTHING on the store will be 30% OFF!!

So head on over and pick up some new keys or even a rank pack for yourself and enjoy the savings this weekend!



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