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What up Baccas!

You guessed it! PokePlay is launching a -20% SALE to celebrate the Christmas Holiday! Everything on the entire store is 20% off till the end of Christmas Day! (December 25)

So head over to Store.PokePlay.io now and take advantage of these savings!

Thank you to everyone who's supported and enjoyed the Pokeplay server this far, and we wish you all a Happy Holidays!

We hope to continue to see you on the servers!

PokePlays Winter Holiday Event!

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What's up Baccas!

It's that holiday time of year! A time of celebration between family and friends! So the Admins have decided to come together to share that joy with the community of PokePlay!
Here's a summary of what you can expect on each of our servers!

Santa was attacked by a Villainous Group claiming to be Team Aqua all the way from the Hoenn Region! Their leader has taken the most precious gifts into their hideout, and Santa needs a Trustworthy Trainer to help him! Complete Santa's Challenges and prove to him you're worthy of this task! Santa has also hidden some Easter Eggs along the way, can you find them all?
Your first stop is Santa's Workshop, at the north pole, when you're prepared, hop on Santa's Sleigh at spawn and head off to your first challenge!


Some of you may already have seen it, but a cave has seemed to...

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