Kanto Event: Team Creation!

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What’s up, Baccas?!

It’s been awhile since Kanto has come out. Two new servers are open to the public but Kanto has been left behind. But no more! Introducing the “Team Creation Event!”

~Team Creation Event~

A new ship has arrived at Cinnabar Island. This ship is full of very suspicious people that call themselves Team Creation. They are from the region called Sinnoh and nobody knows why they are in Kanto. Can you figure out the mystery?

We’ve also gotten news of players complaining about hearing and seeing strange things. They never happen where there are a lot of NPCs… The most information we’ve gotten is that they’ve seen a large pink tail. Be on the lookout for some strange occurrences, maybe it’s connected to Team Creation?

~How to Start?~

There’s a sign at Pallet Town. All you need to do is click the sign to be able to start the event! We even placed a guide to help...


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What's up, Baccas?!

We have just now added a brand new pack on our store over at store.pokeplay.io


What are the monthly packs you ask? Well, Monthly Packs will be a package on the server that will change out every new month to offer something different. These packs will be VERY OP and can be very game changing for anyone that decides to get one. Here is this months pack!


As you can see, we'll even be putting legendary pokemon into this pack, but what will that mean for servers like Kanto and Johto? Well, I wasn't kidding when I said game-changing, cause this pack will be the only way that you'll be able to get out of gen pokemon on those servers!

Each new month will be different so if you don't get this pack this month, who knows what next months will contain, but you can be sure that anyone that gets their hands on one of...

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