1. 1blessedsniper

    Increasing the Legendary Spawn Chance

    personally i do not believe the spawn chance should be more than 21% seeing as that is almost the default % if i am not wrong,that being said 21% is what 90% of pixelmon servers set theirs to...and like you said legendaries are supposed to be rare and heck if anything i believe the 21% should be...
  2. 1blessedsniper

    What Features Would You Like To See Added to the Survival Servers In The Future?

    alot of these options would cause more damage to the server than you would think....the hidden ability token has been suggested so many times in the past and as others stated it would make everyone too op and make bosses and event npcs too easy....ranks being available thru events/crates would...
  3. 1blessedsniper

    Should the max amount of apricorns/berries in a chunk be upped?

    i personally do not see the 32 limit for berries/apricorns as an issue seeing as apricorns are able to be bonemealed or leafstoned.... but i could see the problem with berries but for people like me that make berry farms it isnt really an issue to only be limited to 32.
  4. 1blessedsniper

    loved eragon even tho they ruined the movie =/ but funny thing is tho durza is my friend and he...

    loved eragon even tho they ruined the movie =/ but funny thing is tho durza is my friend and he didnt know what eragon was =/
  5. 1blessedsniper

    Pokeplay.io Shop Suggestion

    as gatos's stated it would take alot of time to implement something like this because it would most likely need to be custom coded in for each poke's specific abilities
  6. 1blessedsniper

    download the technic launcher is the easiest way to join once there search for the pokeplay.io...

    download the technic launcher is the easiest way to join once there search for the pokeplay.io modpack and then join play.pokeplay.io for the server ip after that just select which server you would like to play on.
  7. 1blessedsniper


    dexterdog they are talking about items it mainly looks like as they mentioned someone took their items while trading them. but it is actually a pretty good idea.
  8. 1blessedsniper

    Transferring Data

    i dont think this would be a good idea for the sole fact that it could break server economys
  9. 1blessedsniper

    individual sign shops for the Survival servers!

    this would also be a bit of a hassle for some players who like to keep their bases out of the way so if they are unable to get on for the 2 weeks then it would be easier to be raided...
  10. 1blessedsniper

    New item in standard shop

    i honestly feel that it should be left out of the shop due to the fact that it can be a bit overpowered and can always be traded/bought from other players with ease.
  11. 1blessedsniper

    Extra Set Homes

    i am a champion rank and im fine with the 5 homes,however i wouldnt be against say giving 1 more extra home per rank so that bronze can have a 2nd home also.
  12. 1blessedsniper

    Extra Set Homes

    you recieve extra home spots upon purchasing silver rank and upon each rank upgrade after that you recieve 1 more for each rank tier
  13. 1blessedsniper

    Gyms, Gym Badges, Gym Badge Buffs

    that may be possible in some way but in my opinion it would unbalance the game in alot of ways and even if it is possible with some sort of mod it would still need to be compatable with our server and server host.
  14. 1blessedsniper


    when you do not log on for 2 weeks your claim is automatically unclaimed by the server and anyone is able to claim it.
  15. 1blessedsniper

    Winter Update

    cant wait to get me one of those custom winter pokemon skins! as always sounds like an awesome update! thanks blade!