1. Aidan1111119


    would only be edge if you have your default browser as edge. Mine opens on google.
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    Yeah the command is /open google its not that hard
  3. Aidan1111119

    There is a staff account named admin

    Ignore the spelling error in the tittle. I mean what spelling error
  4. Aidan1111119

    There is a staff account named admin

    The title says it all. Just go to members and under staff members there is an admin account named admin.
  5. Aidan1111119

    Ashtyx’s Intro

    Wait tell me where it says marching band is a sport
  6. Aidan1111119

    Has the forums died?

    So as you can see I was on a little today and I noticed that other than what I have posted and one other post the most recent post was on Tuesday, so that makes me ask the question, has the forums died? I mean one post since Tuesday? I mean maybe staff apps or ban appeals have something but I...
  7. Aidan1111119

    Global trade system

    its a sad sad story
  8. Aidan1111119

    Global trade system

    yeah it was here then it was gone for a while then it was here again for about 2 days then gone again
  9. Aidan1111119

    Minor Crate Buff

    This wouldn't be added because if you made a way to get keys from boss drops and ranks from keys, no matter how rare someone would get a rank from a key and would make people feel like they wasted their money on the rank that they bought.
  10. Aidan1111119

    Project E

    I wish this would be added too but it would make the survival server just a glorified rush for a power flower that they could afk at and get an unlimited number of any resource like diamonds and iron which would make any vanilla item practically worthless
  11. Aidan1111119

    Ability to see what is in crates

    I wish i knew this too. The last reason I saw of this not being implemented was because they are currently working on other features like tournaments for example.
  12. Aidan1111119

    GTS Tweaks

    Doesn't matter anymore as they are taking it out again if they haven't already.
  13. Aidan1111119

    Weekly Player Tournaments

    Yeah I can't wait for it to come out
  14. Aidan1111119


    There still should be a command to make teams in game