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  • hey blade can you un ban me from pokeplay, my brother told me a glitch and i tried it it worked and then i got banned it wasnt my fault just want to play with steven libby
    You can make a ban appeal, which you can find under server support
    Whenever i try to get on the server it says i am not white listed on the server
    Please dont bother blade/admins with such minuscule things. The server was down due to some updates, its back up now though. Have a nice time :)
    Every time I try to get on the server, it says it is an invalid session :(
    Try fully restarting your launcher, or logging out and back into the launcher entirely.
    hey just seen on the home page it is you're day of birth and just wanted to wish you a happy one and have a awesome time today as well.
    Hello I had a question Bladehell? How do I play pokeplay? I see there is a link but it doesn't work for some reason, if you can tell me how to as soon as possible that would be much appreciated. Thank you for the help if you do help that is.
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