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    you should add different payment styles

    you can use credit cards to pay
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    Make a warp to the Pokemon League on the Indigo Server

    this would be best going in suggestions ok
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    Monthly Kits

    this is just my opinion here not talking for staff but I feel that would be abit overpowered as after all master and champion ranks get access to streamer keys in there weekly kit already
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    Too much...

    You gotta love having to mow the three gardens you have lol only one left then I can relax 😊
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    just finished mowing now to relax and play on the op server

    just finished mowing now to relax and play on the op server
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    OP Poke Loot's

    ok will leave it so people can see there is a Master Ball in a PokeLoot :)
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    OP Poke Loot's

    ok thanks should I delete this post or keep it here then
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    OP Poke Loot's

    so there is one with a Master Ball in it then?
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    OP Poke Loot's

    I have yet to see a Master Ball icon in the loot scroll so I believe that ther isn't a Master Ball in there
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    OP Poke Loot's

    On all the servers bar OP you can get an Master Ball from the Daily Crate, I think it would be fair if the Poke Loot's of OP server could give a Master Ball.