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    Can we do a ban reset?

    People who were banned are and will stay banned for specific reasons. we are not going to just unban people because its been a long time. people who get banned are given the chance to appeal the ban here on the forums, if the wish to do so they may (unless stated that they cannot appeal). Also...
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    I can't get on to PokePlay

    to dedicate more than 1gb of ram you need to have 64 bit java, then in the same area on technic you can edit it
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    there is no way to restart on our servers, but you are free to play on them again if you have an alt. but we do not delete player data for people, sorry
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    Random Story

    and beat Saskue
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    The weeb room

    well... a very touchy subject but all traps are to evac
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    The weeb room

    Talk about anime stuff here.