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    Hi there! I'm going to please ask you write a ban appeal in the Ban Appeal section with the proper format, thank you!
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    need help with blocks not breaking

    Whats the server?
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    Bronze Rank

    Send an email to
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    I guess im a Snr now

    So I was yelled at to update my intro so.. hey ;3 I'm a Snr.Mod who is always around, dont be afraid to message me if you need me! I'm always around!
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    Hi im snr mod

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    can it transfer my rank to ruby

    Like Patman stated above, ranks cannot be transferred between servers
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    Snr Mod Intro :DDDDD

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    Hiya! Mod intro

    My intro has been infiltrated
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    Hiya! Mod intro

    Hey. I'm Crazy_jellybeans I have been a moderator and staff member on this server for a couple months now! I'm the famous "happy birthday" girl! I genuinely love hanging out with you guys and I wanna help anyway possible! Thanks for giving me a shot and I hope I'll see you around!
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    Yall come outa no where 😂

    Yall come outa no where 😂