1. Cuddy Fox

    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    I have bred my Clefairy with a Ditto and got a Cleffa. So when you say they do not spawn and there is no item, you can breed Clefairy or Clefable to get a Cleffa egg.
  2. Cuddy Fox

    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    SoonTM, but Cleffa is also is found in Mount Moon.
  3. Cuddy Fox

    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    On this, soonTM about dexing stuff.
  4. Cuddy Fox

    Indigo Server is now out of Beta and Open to the Public!

    The server is out of beta. You start in Pallet Town in your house. You go to the house to the south to get your Pokemon.
  5. Cuddy Fox

    Poke Plays 2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

    On the date stamp, it said August 10. It lasted until August 16. It was done over a month ago.
  6. Cuddy Fox


    My name is Cuddy. I am more of a fan of other anime, but I do know a lot about Pokemon from gen 1 until I stop watching at gen 6. I am also known as a furry. I have also been in Minecraft going on 6 years. I had been first a moderator for Dr. Clueless and Shadimar on their Deep End server. When...
  7. Cuddy Fox

    Sand Pits

    Are you guys going to add sand pits with a NPC and a Dig TM, for Pokemon like Trapinch, which really do not belong in either rocks or trees. There are a few Pokemon like that.
  8. Cuddy Fox

    Monthly Kits

    Either that or a one of a kind item that you can not get in-game regularly.