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    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    Cleffa is obtainable through normal breeding, as long as clefairy is the mother
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    Master apartment and champion houses

    I mean... there’s not really a need for enchanting things on an adventure server
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    I have been having issues joining servers

    Remote host is an error on your end, which is usually fixed by restarting your computer and/or restarting your WiFi router
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    Community goal progress bar

    Unfortunately the progress bar hasn’t been working correctly, so until that’s figured out the progress bar won’t be available
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    mega stone disappeared during a trade

    This has been accepted. You’ll see your megastone in your inventory the next time you log in. But for future reference, please make an item recovery app next time instead of a post in general. Have a good day!
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    Pokeplay.io Servers Have Updated to Pixelmon 8.0.2!!!

    Like I said before, download pixelmon reforged 8.0.2 or use or technic launcher pack Pokeplay.io Pixelmon Pack to play on our server. It’s Minecraft java edition on the pc, version 1.12.2 and you need pixelmon reforged version 8.0.2 (which our technic pack covers all of that). The ip of the...
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    Server Suggestions For Op

    Like all external moves, mega evolution is disabled (while I don’t entirely know why, it’s probably for a good reason) also, school form Wishiwashi is an ability, that activates when a Wishiwashi is over 20% hp and over level 20. It’s just an in battle mechanic for it, not something for out of...
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    Pokeplay.io Servers Have Updated to Pixelmon 8.0.2!!!

    Download pixelmon reforged 8.0.2 and you’ll be able to play. It might be easier to use our technic pack Pokeplay.io Pixelmon Pack. You’ll need Minecraft java edition
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    wait how do I make a pokemon in front of my name?

    If you purchased bronze rank or higher, you can do /warp tag and change your tag to be a Pokémon in front of your name
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    Increase legends despawn time

    I’m pretty sure it’s not that the legend specifically despawns, there’s just a butcher command that occurs every once in a while that kills the Pokémon. The legend probably just spawned at the wrong time to be hit by the despawn.
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    login issue

    Glad to hear it!
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    login issue

    If none of these are the right problems then please respond to this and specify what exactly the error message is
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    login issue

    If you can’t login to the launcher, put in your email and password. If that’s not the issue and it says “Failed to login Invalid Session” then fully restart your launcher and/or your computer
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    Zygarde complete form

    There shouldn’t be a way to change it, nor would it change in the future. The Pokémon ability power construct in general is only set to activate at 50% or less hp, and pixelmon would most likely not change that from the actual games.
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    zygarde cube

    I believe they can only spawn in chunks that have been loaded for less than 30 minutes total. Although, they have been added to pokestops/daily crates, along with streamer crates, with more ways possibly coming soon. Personally I think this is a great idea, I just don’t know how realistic it is...