1. Enymu

    Pokénav Music Player Suggestion

    As the post title suggests, you can add any of these or all of these: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCnDvNGaYwz4xO-JPzdXtY4RXrDXVTuQD some of my favorite ones. also another suggestion: all pokemon anime theme songs.
  2. Enymu

    admeen intro

    Information: updated Intro: boring Dart: back
  3. Enymu

    Imagine being called Billy

    Imagine being called Billy
  4. Enymu

    Remove Shiny Pokemon that aren't in the game

    +1 bryannieee will never finish his shiny collection
  5. Enymu

    Pokeplay Easter Event!

    What's up Bacca's? It is Easter and Lopunny is ready to head out to deliver the Easter eggs she has been keeping safe in her house! But what's this? They're gone! All of them! She looks everywhere but she doesn't know where they are. She has an idea of who the culprit might be... but she will...
  6. Enymu

    Dye Shop Keeper

    Thank you for the suggestion! We now have a shopkeeper for dyes.
  7. Enymu

    PokePlay | Valentines Event

    What’s up Bacca’s! As you know, fire type and water type Pokemon do not get along very well. The wise Slowking has appeared on Pokeplay and he needs you to help these Pokemon get along! The Slowking will be somewhere near spawn on each server. Through a series of daily quests, you will be able...
  8. Enymu

    Alpha Staff E4

    "Members of the elite will most likely change from time to time, but you will see some familiar faces and possibly some new faces as well if you do decide to challenge us."
  9. Enymu

    Alpha Staff E4

    Welcome to the Staff E4 Season 3 What’s up bacca's! With this new season, we bring you a brand new challenge to face on the Alpha Survival Server. This is where the strongest Staff members have gathered to bring you guys a new world of battling. Just like the Elite Four you all know, we will...
  10. Enymu

    I have acquired apple juice mom

    I have acquired apple juice mom
  11. Enymu


    Last time i checked, i saw you had a legendary key left and has now been used. I can see you've completed the event so right now, all i can see is that you've completed and used your reward. If you have any proof of never receiving, feel free to make an item recovery app in the appropriate...
  12. Enymu


    I see you've claimed the reward and finished the event and that you still have the reward. (/hc bal)
  13. Enymu

    PokePlay Christmas Event!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Bacca's! It seems that Santa Claus has come to the PokePlay server and it looks like he needs you help. By going to spawn, you can see Santa's sleigh and you can go talk to him for more info and of course, you can start the event from there. If you can...
  14. Enymu


    Hi Enymu im pokeplay. i like eating juice and drinking apple. also click here for good meme
  15. Enymu

    I guess im a Snr now

    i big fna sign my forehead pls