1. Mistic_Warrior

    just noticed your cloyster is a pirate

    just noticed your cloyster is a pirate
  2. Mistic_Warrior

    the toutorial vid

    I just re watched it, and the only thing that wasn't in there that I noticed was getting java 64 bit, which I assume wasn't there simply because the problem doesn't apply to everyone, as some people already have the latest version of java installed before coming to the server. And also that's...
  3. Mistic_Warrior

    I cant connect to op server

    did you buy bronze rank on op specifically? or another sub-server?
  4. Mistic_Warrior

    Selling Pcs

    wait how is this a server feature suggestion
  5. Mistic_Warrior

    Pokeplay Easter Event!

    plot twist : Lopunny is actually the egg stealer
  6. Mistic_Warrior

    could someone help me restart

    you can just, throw everything out manually
  7. Mistic_Warrior

    could someone help me restart

    you can prestige, which will reset everything.
  8. Mistic_Warrior


  9. Mistic_Warrior

    Extra Set Homes

    I'm not suggesting to add a p2w option. I was just saying the argument of 5 being a lot was false. I'd be all for and very happy if every rank got like 3x the homes they have now, so that people arent locked to one place.
  10. Mistic_Warrior

    Extra Set Homes

    5 is not a lot for homes. or even close to a lot. especially for $250.
  11. Mistic_Warrior

    profanity block or cencorship

    the pg words rule still applies to the forum, so you could just say "the d word" instead of saying the actual word. But I think this is a really good idea, its just not something that'd really be at the top of their list of things to do, with op coming out of beta soon and other plans they...
  12. Mistic_Warrior

    I need help from an admin or mod

    idk how the situation goes for battle kicks. but if they will help you they'll need your ign, so just reply saying what it is
  13. Mistic_Warrior

    i need help

    here is blade's guide to how to join
  14. Mistic_Warrior

    Why I LOVE the pokeplay.io servers

    blade shall receive his singular slice of pizza once pokeplay achieves $500k from the store.
  15. Mistic_Warrior

    New discord command

    Alright so, anyone who's answered at least a few questions on the pokeplay discord knows that a VERY common problem is : not enough dedicated ram / not latest java installed. So, what if there was a new command, lets say "!ram" that puts up video (prob not cause that would take more time) or a...