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    There is a staff application section in these forums. Go there and click the "Post staff application" button
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    Server Leader board Command Guide

    We'll have a detailed post about the whole tournament sometime in the near future once we've finalized how it'll work ^.^
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    Server Leader board Command Guide

    More will be announced in the next few days.
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    Hoenn: A Toggleable Night Vision Command

    We provided the night vision hammer for this purpose. It is unlikely we'll get a custom command coded just to do the same thing.
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    Server Leader board Command Guide

    What's up there Bacca's! Have you ever wanted to show off your competitive battling skills? Well, now you can! Here is a guide to everything you'll need to know regarding the Server Leader board! /leaderboard This command will display your rank and the rank of those on the top of the...
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    Server events> Donation goal reached

    By the way that the goal works on here, you are never directly paying for the goal, you're paying for the rank/pixelmon/items you are getting, and therefore there is no obligation on us to make sure you get to participate. As I said, it happens right when the goal is hit, and we can't physically...
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    Server events> Donation goal reached

    The donation goal is run whenever the goal is reached. It's not scheduled, it's not prepared for, it isn't even manually run by us, it automatically happens when the goal is met. If the goal is hit during a time that others aren't online, that isn't exactly something we can accommodate for. The...
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    For the Alpha survival servers

    So let me flip the script. You want to spend the money you spent a lot of time grinding for, to avoid having to grind? The donor ranks are there to allow people to gain the commands you have mentioned. It's a quality of life upgrade that people can get in reward for supporting the server...
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    Server should add a curse word filter and a spam filter.

    I told you exactly how it's run, but you refuse to accept that answer and imagine your own way of how things are actually run, without any staff experience on this server to back yourself up. At this point, this is a looping argument, so I'm locking this thread from further replies. I gave you...
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    Server should add a curse word filter and a spam filter.

    You acknowledged my first point but ignored the rest. A warning isn't just given for the sake of a warning. It is given as a chance for the person to change their behavior before further punishment is carried out. As the methods have continued to work, players will change their behavior when...
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    Server should add a curse word filter and a spam filter.

    Well, there's a couple of reasons this isn't a thing at the current moment. - Our rule stands against censorships and acronyms that refer to swearing. - A plugin like that currently doesn't exist that could run on our server, therefore it would have to be custom coded. - It is the staff's job...
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    is frick frack a bad word?

    It is to be noted that our rule against swearing is by U.S. Standards. Meaning that even if you say it with the intention above. It is likely you will be warned for both words.
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    Fun Facts About Bidoof

    Bibarrel is fake you say? Well then I guess Bibarel is fine.
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    Should we add a timer after an account is created before making threads/posting comments?

    Well if it makes you feel better, a system should have implemented that should minimize those things happening. You may have actually noticed quite a significant decrease in those types of spam posts the past few days ^.^
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    PokePlay Easter Egg Hunt! - Ends 28th of April

    What up Baccas! The Admins have met up with the Easter Diggersby and helped him set up this amazing Easter Egg hunt for you guys! On each server, Diggersby has hidden 30 Easter Eggs for everyone to find on their own. They can be found anywhere on the map on Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. In...