1. SkyStomper_

    Magnezone evolution [Kanto]

    You can’t, Kanto is a gen one only server, so you can only get Pokemon that come from gen one, Magnezone is gen four, which means it is unobtainable on Kanto.
  2. SkyStomper_

    50 people on red not 1 helper on and till this day i have not gotten a response to my application

    There is no set amount of time it takes for your application to be viewed, it could take 2 days, could even take 2 weeks or longer, just be helpful and active on the server and you will have a good shot of becoming a helper
  3. SkyStomper_

    platforms ruin biomes.

    Platforms are not builds that prevent people from going afk. Builds that prevent people from going afk are things like railways that loop or movement pads that loop, things that move the player while not having to be at the keyboard, that’s what the afk rule is about and platforms do not do that.
  4. SkyStomper_

    Claim deleting

    Or you could keep any items you want to in shulker shells in your inventory, that way people won’t be able to grief them
  5. SkyStomper_

    Battling on Claimed Land

    If you send out your Pokemon and press V facing the wild one, you can battle it
  6. SkyStomper_

    =The Limitless Legion!= (A Competitive Battling Community Team)

    IGN: SkyStomper_ Signature Pokemon: Wobbuffet, yes a Wobbuffet How would you rate your level of competitive experience? (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert): Expert Do you have a competitive team?: Yes, I have 7 competitive mons with more on the way Timezone: GMT Describe your...