1. SelinaTL

    = Seasonal Safari Zone =

    Today marks the day that we release the Safari Zone for both Indigo and Survival servers! You can get there by warping with /warp Safari. (Leave with /warp spawn) Within, you will find that all 4 seasons have been included. For Ranked players, all 4 seasons will be accessible at any time they...
  2. SelinaTL

    Pokeplay Conversion to Pixelmon Generations!

    The time has finally come, Pokeplayers! Pokeplay will be making its huge update to Pixelmon Generations 8.5.1 and Biomes O Plenty 7.0.1 on Friday July 30th, starting at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time. During this update, the servers will be down. We obviously can't give an exact length on the...
  3. SelinaTL

    Shop Keeper Idea

    We have a revamped shopkeeper system in the works with the conversion to generations that will make things easier to both add in a bunch of different blocks; but even add in additional blocks/items based on your progression in the game. That's all I can really say on it at this time
  4. SelinaTL

    Claim Expiration and Player Retention

    I mean, I'll keep my own words short, but all I think needs to be said is that yes, I do agree that claim expiration needs to find a solution, and that is something I've been trying to find out how to fix. It is not something that was an intentional, no there will be no expiring claims. Like...
  5. SelinaTL


    Every single weekend starting now, we'll be giving every server a buff. Whether it be boss rates, hidden ability chance, or more! This weekend, we're starting this weekly event with a bang, by giving ALL servers DOUBLE Experience from all battles, and DOUBLE Shiny rates! On top of that, on...
  6. SelinaTL

    << PokeNav Menu and More!!! >>

    Hey there, PokePlayers! Today we're here to announce the release of our new PokeNav Menu! You can access this menu at any time by doing /menu or /pokenav! There are a lot of things to cover within this menu, so I'll try to lay it out as simple as possible! >> Server Links: Displays links to...
  7. SelinaTL

    RAIDS have been spotted across Pokeplay.io!

    If you look at the top and click the "Modpack" button, there should be a modpack and guide to installing it to get on the server!
  8. SelinaTL

    RAIDS have been spotted across Pokeplay.io!

    Hey there once again Pokeplayers! I hope you guys have been enjoying all the rewards and special spawns that we've offered during our Valentine's Event thus far! What I'm here to announce is the new Raid Pokemon that will be appearing periodically across the servers! What's a Raid Pokemon? >...
  9. SelinaTL

    Pokeplay Valentines Day Announcement!

    Hey there Pokeplayers! On behalf of all the staff here I would like to start off by wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day! Before we get into what we have in store to celebrate, I first want to relay some information regarding the OP server. Due to an unexpected error, OP experienced a loss...
  10. SelinaTL

    Pokeplay is now on Pixelmon Version 8.1.2!!!

    Hey Pokeplayers! After a really long day, I'm here to tell you the server is back online! While certain bits may not be perfect, we'll still be working while the server is up to correct anything that may have been missed. Remember that you'll need Pixelmon 8.1.2 to join! Our Technic pack has...
  11. SelinaTL

    Server Maintenance Updates

    This has been a long maintenance, so thank you all for your patience while this got done. While we still have a few updates to make before the year is over, the server has now come back online!!! Check out #whats-new in our discord (Invite link here) to see the major things that have changed...
  12. SelinaTL

    = Pokeplay Winter Event 2020!!! =

    Hey Pokeplayers! We’re very grateful for the overall positive response to our revamped Survival Reborn, and remind you that if you haven’t redeemed your compensation package yet to reference our previous announcement! Today we’re happy to release our Winter Event that will last from now until...
  13. SelinaTL

    Survival Reborn!

    While the old survival servers were able to end their reign in a BANG, we're now happy to announce the REBIRTH of a new generation of the survival server! Letting go of the other servers may have come as a hard choice to accept, I assure you that this change will result in bigger and better...
  14. SelinaTL

    Black Friday Sale about to end! Sevii Island Two Release!

    The Pokeplay Black Friday sale is still going with 50% off the ENTIRE STORE! It won't last for much longer though, at 11:59pm EST the sale will be gone!! So take advantage of it while you can! In addition, we have released the SECOND Sevii Isle along with access to Star Level 4 on the Indigo...
  15. SelinaTL

    Black Friday Sale!!! Sevii Island One Release!

    Hey! Just letting you guys know that the Pokeplay store is experiencing a 50% off Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale! Grab the ranks, keys, and tokens you've always been meaning to get using this sale! This sale will only last till 11:59 pm EST on Monday! BUT THERE'S MORE!! On the Indigo...
  16. SelinaTL

    2020 Server-wide Halloween Event!

    Halloween is right around the corner and the Admin team has worked really hard on an event that may be a little bit different than ones we've released for you in the past! This event will last from now until 11:59pm EST on Saturday Nov 7th. (Roughly 2 weeks) To start the event, as we usually...
  17. SelinaTL

    The Legendary Birds Arrive on the Indigo Server!

    Eyes to the skies as we’re happy to finally announce that the Legendary Bird Trio are landing on the Indigo Server! If you have completed the Kanto Elite 4 and gotten Star Level 1, head over to the Vermilion City Docs and talk to the Captain to start the Shamouti Island Questline. This...
  18. SelinaTL

    this is a long post and its for the new kanto/jhoto etc server

    You're the one that talked with Shuffy right? She's forwarded me a lot of what you've said and we've been going back and forth on some ideas so we appreciate the thoughts ^.^
  19. SelinaTL

    Poke Plays 2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

    Happy 2 Year Anniversary PokePlay! It’s that time of year again! Our server is 2 years old as of August 11th! And we would love to celebrate this milestone with all of you!! From now until the end of Sunday (16th) the servers will experience the following changes to celebrate the...
  20. SelinaTL

    this is a long post and its for the new kanto/jhoto etc server

    I'd keep a close eye on the announcements coming out in the next few weeks as I think you'll be pleasantly surprised for what we already have in production to be released soon ;)