1. Ninjaexry

    Conjoining the survival servers & a non p2w server

    No one can deny the fact that most survival servers out right now are in an awful position right now. Barely any players play on most of the new servers which were released and advertised using sponsored youtubers, and they just sit there waiting to be closed down. I propose that all the...
  2. Ninjaexry

    Hi im ykExry, totally new person.

    My name is ykExry. I like rice in a bowl, and I really like the rice my dad gave me from the local asian supermarket. I hate waiting for the rice to cook, and my hobbies are eating different types of rice with different toppings. And my dream is to become the Mizukage so I can be respected by...
  3. Ninjaexry


    Goodbye, my name was Ninjaexry and it's now NinjaExry, quite a change I know. So you've probably seen me around on old alpha, pink, diamond, not johto, a bit of hoenn when it first came out, maybe yellow, and uhh... the other servers, I kinda doubt you've seen me on blue or anything shrug...
  4. Ninjaexry

    [Forums suggestion] Change the layout

    As many can see, it's quite obvious that the top of general is entirely filled with locked guides making it harder to get your thread noticed without the notification color. I propose that the guides be moved to their own separate area that way we can have the relevant threads be on top. And...
  5. Ninjaexry

    No u.

    So. This is a spin off of RaiderExtreme's Random story thread, but this time. It's no u :) basically just keep replying to this thread with a no u comeback, can be anything nonexplicit, and only no u comments allowed. Rules ---------------------- Only no u. Try not to repeat any no u comments...
  6. Ninjaexry

    Sye is bad

    Like this post if you agree Sye is bad. Who is sye you may ask? They have gone under many names including the following: DimondSalty1414, Syed_, MicroBattles, Vunzs, Megasydpile, Dimond_DinoPvp, Syelogical, _Sgt_Dimond, JoeDoesBusiness, and of course, Syeduck. No offense sye X3 Hope this sparked...
  7. Ninjaexry

    Helpful tips on starting survival

    Many people come onto the pokeplay server and start off their adventure on a roleplay server, but have interests in survival servers and may decide to play. Here are a few tips on how to survive! (These are just actions i recommend taking as most are efficient and very helpful later on) Also a...
  8. Ninjaexry

    Buying hidden ability pokemon!

    Currently putting bounties on these pokemon with the hidden ability (Blue survival) (300k) Dratini - Marvel Scale (fish in deep ocean with super rod) (200k) Magikarp - Rattled (water) (350k) Gible - Rough Skin (arid biomes/underground) (300k) Gligar - Poison Immunity (swamp/mega taiga) (200k)...
  9. Ninjaexry

    Auction House possibly?

    As many know on the survival servers scamming isn't uncommon if you do a lot of deals. I propose that an auction house be added with a limit of 1 item per person then +1 slot for each rank up, and a 48 hour expiration date. This provides a new reason to purchase a rank and also prevents people...
  10. Ninjaexry

    Fun Facts About Bidoof

    Did you know... Bidoof is a god? Bidoof can fly? Bidoof can go at light speed in an instant? Bidoof can 1 hit KO Johnny Knoxville? Bidoof is a legendary? Bidoof's egg group is god? Bidoof is a god type? Bidoof is an artificial intelligence creature using state of the art computer tech? jk no...
  11. Ninjaexry

    Poison Touch Croagunk (survival obviously)

    I've for the past few weeks been hunting a hidden ability croagunk and just can't find one, so ima do the next best thing and throw a bounty on it. 200k to the first person to bring me one! (idc about natures/ivs)
  12. Ninjaexry

    Updated /rules

    For some time now even after the few months I've been playing there have been several rules not present in /rules which the helpers are telling us to read. But they also have so many external rules we have to follow such as no afking, or inappropriate builds, and warn people for using "LOL"...