1. TheMegalodon474

    Removal of "junk" from the elite trainer crate

    Hi, I'm the meg I wish the elite trainer crate can be more organized, especially since it's the best crate on the server, it should really be taken into higher consideration when it is arranged. For example, legendaries shouldn't all be clumped together, they should be more spaced out like...
  2. TheMegalodon474

    Addition of Music to the Music Player

    Hi, I'm The Meg The music player is a really great addition that pokeplay has, however at the moment it only has a few pieces of music, here are some music I recommend to add to the music player: Fuschia City (Red and Blue) Ecruteak City (Gold Silver) Littleroot Town (Ruby and Sapphire) -...
  3. TheMegalodon474

    Soul exchanging between players

    It is not guaranteed after failing a time or 2, it will take atleast 100 failed attempts to summon one.
  4. TheMegalodon474

    Soul exchanging between players

    Hi, I'm The Meg Since the new soul exchanging feature was added, many players have accidently got a lot of souls which they have no use for, other players have been grinding and grinding for souls for ages, and taking up most of their time on the server. Is it possible if we can implement a...
  5. TheMegalodon474

    Whats-New and Announcement update on bug fixes.

    Hi Pokeplay Staff Team I've heard that Kyogre spawn in the Spring Safari of the Indigo server was fixed "ages ago" (from pink), however, it was never announced on the announcement pages or whats-new. A_Little_Turtle and Gatos both confirmed that Kyogre was fixed. Can you guys put fixes like...
  6. TheMegalodon474

    Timer for Cooldown on Weekly Mega Bosses

    Hi, I'm the Meg. For the Indigo server, you can battle the Mega Bosses once a week if you win or once a day if you lose. But there are so many it's difficult for people to remember. Is it possible to add a seperate page in /menu or the compass a prompt where you can see the cooldown you have...
  7. TheMegalodon474

    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    The main problem with this new deal is the adventure servers, where all 1st evolution is only obtainable through weeklies. Maybe you can remove it explicitly from the adventure servers like Indigo and Hoenn? There's not a reason to punish the entire society just because some people are capable...
  8. TheMegalodon474

    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    Hi, I'm the Meg. I understand that the staff team has put a lot of work into the "No trade dexing" new feature. But it has immensely damaged the interest of people who are below gold rank. Especially the majority of players - the trainers. Without being able to dex through trade these people...
  9. TheMegalodon474

    Removing the Double Battle Trainers

    Hi, I'm the Meg, and I have recently noticed the amount of increase in double battle trainers in the legendary birds quest. I do like battling them and the challenge, but they glitch very often and I have video proof of them glitching every now and then, so can we please either remove them or...
  10. TheMegalodon474

    Monthly Kits

    It would cause way too big of wealth inequality gap within the server as then the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.
  11. TheMegalodon474

    Making Shuckle and other gen 2 a wild spawn

    Oh ok, sorry but I haven't played the Johto games so I didn't know previously.
  12. TheMegalodon474

    Making Shuckle and other gen 2 a wild spawn

    Hi, I'm TheMeg. I've found out some gen 2 pokemon like shuckle, heracross are only obtainable through headbutt/rock smash. I think it would help the server if they can be an actual spawn in the routes as it would seperate them from the out of gens. So if it is possible please make them a spawn...
  13. TheMegalodon474

    HeadButt and RockSmash for Indigo

    Hi, I'm the Meg A lot of out of gen pokemon on the indigo server can only be exclusively obtained from headbutts and rock smashes around the world. But certain pokemon only spawn from certain headbutts/rock smash. Therefore, is it possible to release a list similar to the spawn list of...
  14. TheMegalodon474

    Update of TM crate.

    Hi, I'm the Meg. I have just opened 2 TM crates from a dex reward, and has realised that there are some TMs in there which are purchasable otherwise with in-game currency such as thunder, blizzard and more other TMs. I got a thunder TM out of the 2 TMs and I'm a little disappointed as I could...
  15. TheMegalodon474

    Indigo Server TM Suggestion

    Hi, I'm The Meg. I have a suggestion for the Indigo League Server, originally in the Kanto and Johto servers, it was possible to gain the TMs from the gyms over and over again. I can understand that the feature has been removed due to it breaking the economy, but some of those TMs are extremely...