1. MonikaKoide

    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    It may be possible to get every Pokémon without breeding dittos, but the community strongly dislikes the system and this is are way of saying we want this changed. I am sorry if this is not how you feel this is going off of what I have seen.
  2. MonikaKoide

    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    Talking about survival servers, it does not spawn and there is no item.
  3. MonikaKoide

    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    what about people who didn't play on the server during those event, for them it is more impossible than it already was to complete the dex
  4. MonikaKoide

    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    And who had so much time to breed dittos until you get 1 specific Pokémon
  5. MonikaKoide

    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    That’s fair, but that is a select few and not everyone. Punishing a whole server because of the actions of few doesn’t sit right with me
  6. MonikaKoide

    Removing the "No trade dexing" feature

    I agree with this, but I also see the problem of people buying alts. I think something like a 10 minute safetrade cool down would work aswell
  7. MonikaKoide

    Add the Blank TR's

    it has come to my knowledge that not very many people know why some pokemon you can't use Tm's on, and I am tired of explaining why that doesn't work so i suggest adding Blank TR's to the server shop for 5000k-30000k each. I think it would make the server a little more fun to play on if this...
  8. MonikaKoide

    << PokeNav Menu and More!!! >>

    There are currently 51 different Pokémon songs according to google, will all 51 be able to be played in the music menu? I am just wondering if you took the time into putting that much music into the game if so great job
  9. MonikaKoide

    Adding playtime requirement to claiming dex rewards

    the downside to that is 2 things, the fact that i know people who live in the same house who play on the server together then there are people who use VPNs like myself because it gives me a sense of security, i am just saying if it is IP there are way around it
  10. MonikaKoide

    Suggestions for OP

    I have a lot of time on my hands
  11. MonikaKoide

    Suggestions for OP

    Rare candies are easy to get, I use to average 200 a day, I don’t think they should change anything at all
  12. MonikaKoide

    Dynamax Candies

    i am aware that you can get Dynamax Candies from the quest keys, buy maybe you should get them from the ranks dailys Bronze: 1 Silver: 2 Gold: 3 Master: 4 Champion: 5
  13. MonikaKoide

    Master apartment and champion houses

    do what I do just use your own enchanting table