1. FlamininjaXD

    Shop Keeper Idea

    I agree with the manga blocks and the soul sand because I tried farm for manga blocks when I played Alpha(RIP), however I could only get a stack of manga block for 3 hours of straight gridding for the material.
  2. FlamininjaXD

    Adventure Servers Needs An Update: Here's my idea.

    But there's so much hype on the new indigo server that I think this Idea may have to wait before anything else.
  3. FlamininjaXD

    How to evolve alolan vulpix in johto server?

    In the department store in goldenrod city sells the ice stone which is required for it to evolve.
  4. FlamininjaXD

    Snr. Mod Introduction

    Hi, I am FlamininjaXD and I like food. I am always a mess with almost everything that is mine. I am always trying to improve myself to become a better staff/person. I like to try new experiences, however I some of them can challenge me which is what I find thrilling. I want to be the master of...
  5. FlamininjaXD

    Shop Suggestion

    yeah it was add recently. You ask and you will sometimes receive(If the gods are happy)
  6. FlamininjaXD

    Shop Suggestion

    but it is
  7. FlamininjaXD

    Discord Suggestion

    It would really benefit the other party than pokeplay, since most people that would post in that chat would have small channels. For the media part I see no need for applications for media staff because our staff can already do that kind of thing.(unless you meant something else)
  8. FlamininjaXD

    Discord Suggestion

    I really don't see this as needed as for say competitive chat. People can make videos/streams on the server that is completely fine, but for the server to support every streamer/content creator that comes on would be too much for the server to proved.
  9. FlamininjaXD

    Account Recovery..?

    sorry but this is not possible gave an announcement and 3 weeks for a transfer.
  10. FlamininjaXD

    OP Server Public Release!

    on the top of this website
  11. FlamininjaXD

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  12. FlamininjaXD

    OP Server Public Release!

    You can press the Modpack tab and join there
  13. FlamininjaXD

    Important Notice for Blue, Pink, Red, and Ruby.

    You can press the modpack tab to get started
  14. FlamininjaXD

    a yolo I didn't think I could win

    Nice I knew you could in a day or two
  15. FlamininjaXD

    Random question

    sorry not allowed.
  16. FlamininjaXD

    Unable to send out my guzzlord

    Or in the item/pokemon recovery help
  17. FlamininjaXD

    I believe I put my username wrong in buying a rank

    You can contact our Pokeplay email to see if you can get it fixed. The email is contact@pokeplay.io