1. basmoq7


    <OriginalSin> So, if anyone has actually paid attention to anything posted in this thread folder, you would know that nothing substantial actually came of making a team. However, I plan to change this with my new Battler's Guild, OriginalSin. Goals: The goal of <OriginalSin> is to get a group of...
  2. basmoq7

    Basmoq "intro" 2.0

    Hello there, welcome to my 2nd intro because the first one was sad. About Me: I am a high school student who is trying to balance homework, marching band, soccer/futbol, and YouTube at the same time. I am known for being toxic but helpful and being a tryhard in most things I do. I have...
  3. basmoq7

    Starmie Alpha

    Fielding offers for a Natural cure Timid Starmie or staryu with 5 ivs.
  4. basmoq7

    Master Builders

    Hello fellow Pokeplayers (Everyone now hates me) ==================================================== I am honoured to announce my new team, the Master Builders (Creativity Level: Over 9000) ===================================================== Who We Are: We will be a group of elite builders...
  5. basmoq7

    Buying Shaymin

    Requirements: 5IV Preferably -- sp. Atk Jolly nature Thank You! BTW my IGN is Ch3rn0byl
  6. basmoq7

    Buying perfect larvesta, aerodactyl, HA froakie, HA sableye, and ferroseed.

    Now buying razor claw, perfect ha froakie, perfect ha buneary, and perfect iron barbs Ferrothorn.
  7. basmoq7

    Minor Crate Buff

    It would be nice if as a rare boss drop you could get some of the lower tier keys (but very rarely) Another idea would be to add a rare chance of getting a rank into the streamer keys or lower- tier ranks in the donor keys. Just a consideration for the staff.
  8. basmoq7

    Basmoq7's Intro

    I like bullet points: The time zone I live in is EST Basmoq stands for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. I have played every Pokemon game since Pokémon Platinum I enjoy Minecraft, Fortnite, and Pokémon (And some YouTube of course). I built my own PC My...