1. BlazerodNobody

    /Claim Trust All

    do /accesstrust public it will make it so anyone can use the machines but not break anything
  2. BlazerodNobody

    Getting Purchases back

    if you are on the discord server pokeplay.io you can go to #create-ticket and click the button labelled purchase support and follow the steps it explains to you or you can email your proplem to the email contact@pokeplay.io or you could go to the server support section of these forums and make...
  3. BlazerodNobody

    How do i apply for staff??

    its in that section top right hand side of screen you see a little green button saying post staff aplication, click that then fill the form out
  4. BlazerodNobody

    Claim Expiration and Player Retention

    it did used to be on a timer of if offline for 2 weeks it expires but it was changed to if after 30 days it expires but something did go wrong and now they don't expire. im not speaking for the staff here but for my own opinion but i am sure something is being done to try and fix this issue. it...
  5. BlazerodNobody


    if you go to the server support section off the forums you will see ban appeals click that. then in the top right hand corner of the webpage in the forums you will see a button with the words post ban apeal form, fill that out and then you will need to wait patiently for a response.
  6. BlazerodNobody


    please just wait patiently for the admins to have time to look at your apeal and make a descision. Friendly advice here going on about it wont help your case but infact hinder it.
  7. BlazerodNobody

    Where do I get the Hoenn Badge Case??

    no problem
  8. BlazerodNobody

    Where do I get the Hoenn Badge Case??

    I am sorry but I do not believe Hoen Has badge cases.
  9. BlazerodNobody

    Adding playtime requirement to claiming dex rewards

    another issue with making it so only one account from the same ip address can claim is that some people have an account for casual play and another for recording vids or streams so doing this would stop them either casually playing or doing their vids or streams
  10. BlazerodNobody

    Should the max amount of apricorns/berries in a chunk be upped?

    not staff opinion just personal opinion here but i feel like that could have the chance of increasing the amount of lag the server would get due to ther being more entities in loads of chunks
  11. BlazerodNobody

    Is the server down right now?

    the server is being updated to the latest update so please keep an eye on our discord server it will let you know when the update has been finished. :D
  12. BlazerodNobody

    Server Maintenance Updates

    kanto is in the indigo server
  13. BlazerodNobody

    [Forums] Guides Section

    this is not where you ask that, you ask in the ban support on the discord server. and there is a section on the forumns where you can make a ban apeal.It is labelled Ban Apeals click on that then in the top right hand cornerthere is a button that says post ban apeal, click that then fill out the...
  14. BlazerodNobody

    you should add different payment styles

    you can use credit cards to pay
  15. BlazerodNobody

    Make a warp to the Pokemon League on the Indigo Server

    this would be best going in suggestions ok
  16. BlazerodNobody

    Monthly Kits

    this is just my opinion here not talking for staff but I feel that would be abit overpowered as after all master and champion ranks get access to streamer keys in there weekly kit already
  17. BlazerodNobody

    Too much...

    You gotta love having to mow the three gardens you have lol only one left then I can relax 😊
  18. BlazerodNobody

    just finished mowing now to relax and play on the op server

    just finished mowing now to relax and play on the op server
  19. BlazerodNobody

    OP Poke Loot's

    ok will leave it so people can see there is a Master Ball in a PokeLoot :)