1. Ryannieee

    I Lost My Bronze Rank On The Kanto Server

    Alright, you will have to patient as it may take a while
  2. Ryannieee

    I Lost My Bronze Rank On The Kanto Server

    Hi, if you have made any form of donations on either kanto or johto. You will have to email us at contact@pokeplay.io with your Minecraft username which was purchased on and also any proof of purchases. (Its okay to not be able to find all your proofs but we at least need your IGN which was used...
  3. Ryannieee

    Flash Hammer

    Hi, if your still in the kanto part of indigo. You will be able to find the flash hammer along route 2 after exiting diglets cave near vermilion. If your in the Johto part you can simply find it at the top of bellsprout tower.
  4. Ryannieee

    Help Logging in

    I would assume you would need to dedicate more ram to your launcher so about 2gb - 4gb is enough. Also it would be better to ask for help in our discord server as we are more responsive there
  5. Ryannieee

    OP Server Public Release!

    You would need to have the latest version of the pixelmon reforged mod to join
  6. Ryannieee

    Snr Mod times.

    u basically copied my signature
  7. Ryannieee

    Mega Evolution?

    If your talking about megastones in the regions, you can get them from beating master trainers scattered across the map but if your talking about survival servers, you can get them from beating mega bosses or from opening the megastone crate.
  8. Ryannieee

    sorry but I need help again

    You might want to consider joining our discord server for faster help in the future as the forums is checked less often than our discord.
  9. Ryannieee

    admeen intro

    hi i am ryan, i am admeen dart you happy now?
  10. Ryannieee

    Conjoining the survival servers & a non p2w server

    There is no lootbox thing for the shadow and light pokemon, once you add them to your cart, you can select which pokemon you want to get.
  11. Ryannieee

    I guess im a Snr now

    Happy birthday!!!!
  12. Ryannieee

    Hiya! Mod intro

    Happy birthday!!!!
  13. Ryannieee

    Hi im snr mod

    so cool
  14. Ryannieee

    Snr Mod Intro :DDDDD

  15. Ryannieee

    Snr Mod Intro :DDDDD

    will do
  16. Ryannieee

    Snr Mod Intro :DDDDD

    no u
  17. Ryannieee

    Snr Mod Intro :DDDDD

    Since there is an intro for every rank except the snr mods, clearly I need to jump on the bandwagon. The name is Ryan or you would know me as Ryannieee on the server. I have been on the server for more than a year but only have been staff since february. My hobbies are just playing video...
  18. Ryannieee

    Hiya! Mod intro

    Happy Birthday!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!
  19. Ryannieee

    Yeehaw 2.0

    smh jordy