1. Mistic_Warrior

    New discord command

    Alright so, anyone who's answered at least a few questions on the pokeplay discord knows that a VERY common problem is : not enough dedicated ram / not latest java installed. So, what if there was a new command, lets say "!ram" that puts up video (prob not cause that would take more time) or a...
  2. Mistic_Warrior

    Dye Shop Keeper

    while some dyes are really easy to get (blue, red, yellow) others take a lot more effort for a decent amount (black, white), and others in between. We're on this server to show off our pokemon skills and knowledge, and also to show off cool builds, not to spend hours upon hours to try and get a...
  3. Mistic_Warrior

    Adding wild warps

    Wild 5-8 arent in the /warp command that comes with bronze+ rank (at least on diamond) would like to see it added if its not too hard.
  4. Mistic_Warrior

    looking to buy plates

    buying insect, meadow, and earth plates. 50k per. msg me. ign : mistic_warrior. server : diamond
  5. Mistic_Warrior


    Add parties. so that we can do party only chat and talk with a group of people in private
  6. Mistic_Warrior

    Another Random Story

    This is the same rules as raider's post, make a story and keep it Pg. Except for one thing, this time your post has to be 6 words (no more and no less). But also, You must wait for at least 12 words to be said after your last post (aka after 2 people posted after your post) before posting the...
  7. Mistic_Warrior

    /repair on survival

    So a big problem with survival server is tools always breaking. So I (and most of the people who play survival) thought that there should be a /repair command. If it was free then that would, of course, be way too overpowered. So, there should be prices. My proposition for these prices that as...
  8. Mistic_Warrior

    Party Systems

    I feel that this would be a very useful feature (mainly on survival server). What the party system would do is mostly just have a private chat for your party, but other features can be added too. like maybe even party tpa (for in game money). This could help people who are making cities and...