1. BaccaNinja9


    I did this like 8 months ago as well, I am just wondering whether anybody still remembers me or whether I have been lost to the mists of time. (I used to be an active Kanto player and then moved onto survival alpha and became a active person there, then I got banned for reasons I won't go into here)
  2. BaccaNinja9

    Can we do a ban reset?

    So this is just me asking whether we can do a ban reset of the server (Not of hackers) I feel like it would be cool to see people who used to play but than were banned, even if it has to be for a short period of time.
  3. BaccaNinja9

    IDK What to title this.

    Just wanted to see, does anybody remember me or have I been lost to the mists of time? (DO NOT QUESTION WHY I HAVE A ROBLOX HEAD AS A PICTURE ON A MINECRAFT FORUM)
  4. BaccaNinja9

    Hi Again.

    So ya some of you OG players might remember me, I used to be a active player on the original survival and was decent on Kanto and Johto. So yep just wanted to check in again and ya just hi to some of my old friends. (If anybody knows my casino could somebody let me know what happened to it) I...
  5. BaccaNinja9


    It's sad to me that I am banned but I understand the servers reasons. I would just like to say that while I wasn't able to play on this server very much the small time I spent on here was great, the community was amazing and I had a great time.