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    Random question

    Yes it is, however we aren't allowed to give any hints about its location or anything like that.
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    Massive Pokeplay Updates!

    ======== Pokeplay Changes 5/28 ======== We've added A TON of new updates to the server to help improve both your experience now, and obtaining information into the future! Discord: • The #whats-new chat! From now on, any time we fix/add something new, even if it's the smaller things we usually...
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    Add the JEI mod

    Seeing the name of a block you're looking at is not JEI, that's waila. And Im fairly certain adding something like that serverside would only require every single player to download yet another mod in order to join the server, and that's just not worth the extra confusion for a small shortcut.
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    Adventure server

    You talk about saving money on servers, which would be correct, however, you have to look on the other end as well, as people would then only have to pay for a rank once to have the rank on all of those servers. And from a business side of things, that amount of work that would go into a...
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    Important Notice for Blue, Pink, Red, and Ruby.

    Hey guys! We've thought about this for long and hard, but we've come to the decision that the amount of survival servers we have is causing quite a few backend issues for us. So we've decided that for the progress and improvement of this server, we're going to close the following in 7 days...
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    OP Server Public Release!

    What's up Baccas! Our latest server, the OP server, has just launched into the public release! This means that anyone can join! We apologize for the amount of extra time it has taken for us to rule out the major issues during the beta, but we're finally ready to let everyone join! Keep in...
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    Pokemon at spawn in OP server

    We have been at work for developing something that will tone down the air spawn population, so we're hoping that once OP is cleared of major issues, we can hopefully look into fixes for this, thank you!
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    Mech Pokemon are Launching into Battle!

    What's up Bacca's! Today we released a set of custom Pokemon that we've been working on for a while now! Mech Pokemon! These Mech Pokemon can be purchased from the store here: These Pokemon were specially designed with top of the line machinery...
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    We appreciate the suggestion but it is unlikely that either they will be compatible, or run effectively. Nonetheless, it doesn't fit the kind of server we have so we'll probably never add it. Thank you though
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    individual sign shops for the Survival servers!

    No I understand the idea of it, but its one of those where I'd much rather wait to improve the GTS or sts systems when we have the time, vs trying to figure out a whole new plugin that we don't know cooperates with the server, y'know
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    i will like to see

    At this current moment have no intention to add a resetting mining area to our servers, sorry. Thanks for the suggestion though
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    New item in standard shop

    It states on the wiki that ability capsules are also droppable by boss Pokemon, which due to the nature of ghost towers, I feel are decently well to come by. It obviously isn't easy, and it shouldn't be. However, I do not quite think it's something warranting an addition to the store as of yet.
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    individual sign shops for the Survival servers!

    Unfortunately, the signs you see working the weekly shop are not the kind of sign shop plugin you're thinking of. It is something completely different and therefore not something we can reform for player use. We may consider working on improved ways to sell your items, such as adjusting the GTS...
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    Why we need EnderChests on Diamonds!

    It is for gold and up.
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    Battle tower Currency

    This is a great suggestion for starting the tackle for Adventure server storage suggestions. I'll bring this up to the team and we'll see what the best course of action is based on the additional feedback we've gathered, thanks!
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    Hidden Ability Token

    We actually thought about this when Tokens first came to be! However, at this moment it would take quite a bit of effort as each individual Pokemon would have to have their unique hidden ability listed, instead of just a simple "Set this to HA." So while we'd love to implement this in the...
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    Why we need EnderChests on Diamonds!

    Note as well that Enderchest items are Per Player. Meaning that if you get the materials to build an enderchest, and you do get raided. Once you get the new materials for an enderchest, your items will still be in there. I also hear from players that some prefer to store their valuables in...
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    Pokemon GTS

    While we like the suggestion of having other options for gts requests other than just money, it would have to be something we self code and there are currently other projects that we're putting into priority first. We'll keep this in mind though, thank you!
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    We've been thinking about wondertrade for a while however there's been certain compatibility issues we haven't had the chance to iron out due to other priorities. We hope to be able to act on this suggestion soon though!
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    More PC Boxes

    Note that I said "Automated." and what you're saying is for everyone, not something we can specify in groups.