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  1. patman96

    Anyone Giving Away Mudkips?

    What server do you play on?
  2. patman96

    Halloween Pokemon are coming to!

    You can’t, this is only for PC
  3. patman96

    Shadow Pokemon Update

    This is only for PC
  4. patman96

    can it transfer my rank to ruby

    Pokémon and ranks cannot be transferred between servers. You would have to purchase/earn them separately.
  5. patman96

    Clear/Tidal Bells

    Yea this week the clear bell is in the shop. I wasn’t aware they could appear in the miner shop. Now that I know that’s perfectly fine with me. Thank you!
  6. patman96

    How do you end your claim?

    Do /abandonclaim. I recommend joining the server’s discord channel so you can get faster answers if you have questions about the server.
  7. patman96

    Clear/Tidal Bells

    I just recently found out that the bells used for summoning the tower duo (Ho-oh and Lugia) can only be obtained from dungeon chests. Unless they can appear in the weekly miner shop, I think there should be another way to obtain them even as crate prizes. There may come a point where all bells...
  8. patman96

    patman96 Introduction

    Hello everyone! I’ve been a member of this server for about a week so I suppose it’s about time I introduce myself! My name (as you can probably guess) is Patrick but you can just call me Pat. I have been playing Minecraft for a very long time but I am very new to Pixelmons so I’m still...