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  1. Bladehell

    Hi again

    You having anything tondo with it or not doesnt really matter in the end does it. You got things that cost money and the money was charged back against our no refund policy. We're sorry you think its unfair but the expectations and punishment was stated on the store and you are responsible for...
  2. Bladehell

    Server Updated to Pixelmon 7.0.1

    What up Baccas! All servers have now been updated to pixelmon version 7.0.1! What does this mean? This means that we are now on the latest version that now includes all Generation 7 pokemon in the game! You can see everything added by going to and scrolling down to see...
  3. Bladehell

    Hoenn Server Opening!

    What up Baccas! The Hoenn server is almost here and I'm here to give you the info you'll need in order to join the server. The launch date is set for tomorrow Feb 9th, 2019 roughly around 2 pm EST or later. The server will be opening up when Jerome streams on it tomorrow. If you would like to...
  4. Bladehell


    What up Baccas! That's right, we're are launching a 50% off sale to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday. The entire store is currently 50% off on everything and will be till the end of Cyber Monday! So head over to now and take advantage of these savings! We want to say Thank...
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    What's up, Baccas?! We have just now added a brand new pack on our store over at MONTHLY PACKS!! What are the monthly packs you ask? Well, Monthly Packs will be a package on the server that will change out every new month to offer something different. These packs will be...
  6. Bladehell Official ModPack

    What's up, Baccas?! For people unsure of what they need in order to join the server, we've made life easier for you by setting up our very own mod pack that you can install. This will give you everything needed to get on the server as well as have our server address preloaded into your list...
  7. Bladehell

    Weekend Sale! 25 - 50% Off!

    What's up, Baccas That's right, this weekend we're going to be launching a sale across everything on all servers. Everything on Johto and Survival will be 25% off all weekend long and everything on Kanto will be 50% off all weekend long! So be sure to head over to and pick...
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    What's up, Baccas? We have now set up the ability to vote for our server! I know, it's been a long time coming. The following are the links that you can currently go to and vote on!
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    There is currently a "Daycare" sidemod however last time i tried it didn't work. Once other priorities are taken care of we may look back into this more.
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    Because then everyone would have those legendarily pokemon and they would no longer be worth anything.
  11. Bladehell

    Welcome to

    Welcome! This is the brand new website and forums for Here you'll be able to share and communicate with our staff and community, as well as report issues and apply for staff! We hope you enjoy it! If you're new, please feel free to join our server! All you need is Minecraft...
  12. Bladehell In Game Rules

    1. No Hacking/Cracked Clients, Cheats, Hacks, ect. Using any of the above or any program that gives you any cheated advantage and modifies your game in any way will result in a ban without warning. This may include DDoSing, Dosing, Doxing, threats of the previous mentions, and/or Swatting. 2.No...