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  1. SelinaTL

    Commands that should be added

    As of right now, RTP is still up in the air as to whether or not it is possible. But for Wondertrade, we have tried adding it into survival however, something clashed in a way that the server didn't like, and made it impossible to implement at this point in time.
  2. SelinaTL

    Jerome VS Blade Event! (Ends March 10th)

    What's up Baccas! It's a special time of year! It's the time we get to celebrate both Blade and Jerome's Birthdays! (Happy Birthday!!!) So in order to celebrate, we have a couple of things in store for you all to participate in. As you may have read in the title, this is no ordinary event...
  3. SelinaTL

    Survival Server

    It's already on the same island, be glad we put it there. Putting a warp sign 200 blocks away isn't exactly top priority. Not to mention the area close to /spawn is already pretty cluttered with signs, and will continue to be as we regularly make content.
  4. SelinaTL

    Favourite Non-Legendary & Legendary Pokemon?

    Ey, my favorite non legend is leafeon too! And my favorite legendary LEafeon... Shiny!
  5. SelinaTL

    Adding to the store to pay

    Unfortunately, we are not looking to add any more payment methods to the store. If you still wish to spend money on our store, I would suggest you discuss that with your parents, as we advise parent permission if you are under-age to pay for yourself.
  6. SelinaTL

    Well, hello!

    Rookie ;)
  7. SelinaTL

    Map or navigation GPS

    Our Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn maps are laid out very closely to the actual games they are based on. With a quick search, it's quite easy to find an image of their map and use it to traverse ours. The following are some examples I was able to find. Kanto: Johto: Hoenn: Hope this helps a bit!
  8. SelinaTL

    Adding to the store to pay

    Assuming your question meant: "Can we add Paysafecard to the shop as another way to pay for items, ranks, and all things in the online store?" To that, I'm afraid the answer is likely a no. Many cards can be connected to a Paypal account which you can then use to pay on our store. Paypal will...
  9. SelinaTL

    Pay2win - IVs

    It's understandable that you may feel this way about this, but let me show you why not having it isn't exactly so bad as it may first seem. There are these IV calculators all over the place, which will actually calculate your Pokemon's IVs the best it can. Here's an example of how accurate it...
  10. SelinaTL

    Wonder Trade [/wt command]

    Keep in mind that to my knowledge, so don't quote me on this, but it is not possible to contain the Pixelmon pool to only Kanto or Johto Pixelmon. Which would mean that putting it on those servers would allow people to get out of gen Pixelmon.
  11. SelinaTL

    Updated /rules

    In seriousness, the rules are flexible and the way they are so that we as the Staff team can do what we need to do to maintain order and stability within the server environment. No person could ever go over every specific chat scenario that would be punishable, that just isn't possible. There...
  12. SelinaTL

    Updated /rules

    Can you recite me every law in the United States?
  13. SelinaTL


    What up Baccas! You guessed it! PokePlay is launching a -20% SALE to celebrate the Christmas Holiday! Everything on the entire store is 20% off till the end of Christmas Day! (December 25) So head over to now and take advantage of these savings! Thank you to everyone who's...
  14. SelinaTL

    PokePlays Winter Holiday Event!

    What's up Baccas! It's that holiday time of year! A time of celebration between family and friends! So the Admins have decided to come together to share that joy with the community of PokePlay! Here's a summary of what you can expect on each of our servers! Survival: Santa was attacked by a...
  15. SelinaTL

    i got banned

    There is a ban appeal section on this forums. This is not the place for this.
  16. SelinaTL

    Welcome to the Elite Four!

    Me 100% 10/10 get clapped
  17. SelinaTL

    Has the forums died?

    I mean, I get it, but people usually don't post on the forums unless it's a random guide, they have a problem, or are suggesting something. Staff are busy in-game and with other projects so unless we're fixing an issue, or announcing something, we don't exactly have the time or reason to post...
  18. SelinaTL

    This is not good

    It's a perk that donors have to get priority access onto the server. It's an automated message and in no way a personal direction at you. It just states that a donor or staff member joined and thus the server had to make a spot for it.
  19. SelinaTL

    =The Limitless Legion!= (A Competitive Battling Community Team)

    Welcome xEvan and Basmoq7! Be sure to keep an eye out on that tournament on the main post for a chance at raising your rank!
  20. SelinaTL

    Project E

    That, and it would be another mod people will have to download to get onto the server, nonetheless the answer to whether it would be added is no