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  1. Gatos1103

    Teh's Alpha Tournament!

    yes it was canceled a while ago
  2. Gatos1103

    pokemon alpha e4 challenge

    i actually wont be able to make it i work until 5pm est
  3. Gatos1103

    pokemon alpha e4 challenge

  4. Gatos1103

    i lost my rank

    yes u will get it back but they have not done the rank transfers yet to indigo and it will likely happen closer to when the beta ends and the server is in full release
  5. Gatos1103 Shop Suggestion

    unfortunately this has been brought up in the past but it would be a lot of work because u would need to put in all of the different hidden abilities for all of the pokemon which would take a great deal of time and they have said they are not looking to do something like this in the past
  6. Gatos1103

    Increase legends despawn time

    Yeah i have had legendaries despawn in in seconds and not for a while it all depends when the command is run to help spawn in new pokemon and where the legendary spawn activates during that
  7. Gatos1103

    I need help with logging into any of the servers.

    have u tried disabling the resource pack from the minecraft server screen before u log on
  8. Gatos1103

    HA lure with fossils

    i dont believe that they do because they increase the odds of pokemon spawning as HA's but being as fossils dont spawn they are grown i would think it affects it. But I am not 100% sure
  9. Gatos1103

    Teh's Alpha Tournament!

    No its this weekend
  10. Gatos1103

    Provide The Survival Server's with More PC Boxes. (Or All Servers)

    i agree with this because i like to sell legendaries and perfs which means that should i want to do a living dex i have to buy an alt account to do it or i have to store them all in pokegifts which means that they can be stolen which is annoying so i think an increase in pc boxes would help a lot
  11. Gatos1103

    Bonk Ditto

    I will buy a few of these at least
  12. Gatos1103


    i remeber u
  13. Gatos1103

    Teh's Alpha Tournament!

    Dwyrm GMT +2
  14. Gatos1103

    Teh's Alpha Tournament!

  15. Gatos1103

    Teh's Alpha Tournament!

    Gatos1103 EST
  16. Gatos1103

    Transferring Data

    i would love the ability to pay to transfer pokemon from one server to another i think it would help revatalize some less active servers
  17. Gatos1103

    Extra Set Homes

    i feel like blessed has the best answer to this solution the one above this
  18. Gatos1103

    New item in standard shop

    I was wondering if the ability capsule can be added to the spawn shop being as it already has the ranch upfrades and the hourglasses plus with the fact that the capsule doesnt allow you to change to HA's i dont think it would be too overpowered also there is only 3 pokemon that have a 5% chance...
  19. Gatos1103

    Extra Set Homes

    i have champion but still want more homes what are my options
  20. Gatos1103

    individual sign shops for the Survival servers!

    I think this would be really helpful to players who are looking for certain items or are just trying to offload a bunch of there excess item