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  1. SelinaTL

    Black Friday Sale!!! Sevii Island One Release!

    Hey! Just letting you guys know that the Pokeplay store is experiencing a 50% off Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale! Grab the ranks, keys, and tokens you've always been meaning to get using this sale! This sale will only last till 11:59 pm EST on Monday! BUT THERE'S MORE!! On the Indigo...
  2. SelinaTL

    2020 Server-wide Halloween Event!

    Halloween is right around the corner and the Admin team has worked really hard on an event that may be a little bit different than ones we've released for you in the past! This event will last from now until 11:59pm EST on Saturday Nov 7th. (Roughly 2 weeks) To start the event, as we usually...
  3. SelinaTL

    The Legendary Birds Arrive on the Indigo Server!

    Eyes to the skies as we’re happy to finally announce that the Legendary Bird Trio are landing on the Indigo Server! If you have completed the Kanto Elite 4 and gotten Star Level 1, head over to the Vermilion City Docs and talk to the Captain to start the Shamouti Island Questline. This...
  4. SelinaTL

    this is a long post and its for the new kanto/jhoto etc server

    You're the one that talked with Shuffy right? She's forwarded me a lot of what you've said and we've been going back and forth on some ideas so we appreciate the thoughts ^.^
  5. SelinaTL

    Poke Plays 2 Year Anniversary Celebration!

    Happy 2 Year Anniversary PokePlay! It’s that time of year again! Our server is 2 years old as of August 11th! And we would love to celebrate this milestone with all of you!! From now until the end of Sunday (16th) the servers will experience the following changes to celebrate the...
  6. SelinaTL

    this is a long post and its for the new kanto/jhoto etc server

    I'd keep a close eye on the announcements coming out in the next few weeks as I think you'll be pleasantly surprised for what we already have in production to be released soon ;)
  7. SelinaTL

    Indigo Server is now out of Beta and Open to the Public!

    Thanks to the continued support of our beta testers, we’re glad to announce that our Indigo League Server has now left its beta period! All players are free to join in on the fun by downloading our technic pack, joining the IP, and using the compass to join the Indigo Server...
  8. SelinaTL

    Adventure servers suggestion: Possible new prestige system.

    While I appreciate the amount of thought that went into this, and it by no means is any waste, but I have to clarify that there are already things planned that can base themselves off this. And while I could never promise something exactly like this, especially since the star levels already have...
  9. SelinaTL

    PokePlay Updates | Discord/In-Game Rules, Media Chat, Commands

    Discord and In-Game Rules: We’ve re-visited our discord and in-game rules and made certain adjustments, clarifications, and additions. Please refer to the #rules chat on discord as well as /rules on the server to make sure you’re up to date. Discord Media Chat and Submission Form: This is...
  10. SelinaTL

    The store shows that you bought a beta pass and there are no other purchases for another server...

    The store shows that you bought a beta pass and there are no other purchases for another server. So you should be able to join the indigo beta
  11. SelinaTL

    Indigo Server Rank Transfers and Apartments!

    We've got something really cool to release for Ranks Silver and up on the Indigo League server! If you have either the Silver, Gold, Master or Champion rank you can ask an Admin who is online to set up an apartment/house for you based on your rank! Silver apartments get 1 double chest, Gold...
  12. SelinaTL

    New Indigo League Server Coming to Pokeplay!

    We have some large announcements to be made regarding our new Indigo League Server. If you missed the previous announcements about this upcoming server, check out the trailer for it here; As well as looking over our previous announcements on Discord which you can join here...
  13. SelinaTL

    Please send all Purchase issues to email: with your receipt, minecraft name, etc

    Please send all Purchase issues to email: with your receipt, minecraft name, etc
  14. SelinaTL Servers Have Updated to Pixelmon 8.0.2!!!

    ======== PIXLEMON UPDATE 8.0.2 ======== The server is now running on Pixelmon Version 8.0.2 as of June 23rd, 2020. If you are using our Technic Modpack, make sure that it has updated to the correct version before attempting to log on! Pixelmon Mod Changelogs: • Added new Pokemon!; - Grookey...
  15. SelinaTL

    More Rank Command Updates!

    ======== Pokeplay Changes 6/5 ======== Today’s update will mostly be focused on adding commands to the Donator ranks as mentioned when we moved the EVs and IVs commands to be a command anyone can use. However, there’s a couple of extra things for everyone as well! Server: • Fixed Power...
  16. SelinaTL

    Random question

    Yes it is, however we aren't allowed to give any hints about its location or anything like that.
  17. SelinaTL

    Massive Pokeplay Updates!

    ======== Pokeplay Changes 5/28 ======== We've added A TON of new updates to the server to help improve both your experience now, and obtaining information into the future! Discord: • The #whats-new chat! From now on, any time we fix/add something new, even if it's the smaller things we usually...
  18. SelinaTL

    Add the JEI mod

    Seeing the name of a block you're looking at is not JEI, that's waila. And Im fairly certain adding something like that serverside would only require every single player to download yet another mod in order to join the server, and that's just not worth the extra confusion for a small shortcut.
  19. SelinaTL

    Adventure server

    You talk about saving money on servers, which would be correct, however, you have to look on the other end as well, as people would then only have to pay for a rank once to have the rank on all of those servers. And from a business side of things, that amount of work that would go into a...
  20. SelinaTL

    Important Notice for Blue, Pink, Red, and Ruby.

    Hey guys! We've thought about this for long and hard, but we've come to the decision that the amount of survival servers we have is causing quite a few backend issues for us. So we've decided that for the progress and improvement of this server, we're going to close the following in 7 days...