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  1. basmoq7

    Master Builders

  2. basmoq7

    Master Builders

    Okay then, one I get back from this school trip, I will do some things :>
  3. basmoq7

    Master Builders

    Is that a challenge I hear?
  4. basmoq7

    Master Builders

    Hello fellow Pokeplayers (Everyone now hates me) ==================================================== I am honoured to announce my new team, the Master Builders (Creativity Level: Over 9000) ===================================================== Who We Are: We will be a group of elite builders...
  5. basmoq7

    My IGN is _DeathAwaits BTW

    My IGN is _DeathAwaits BTW
  6. basmoq7

    Legendary Hunt Survival

    If this post gets 5 likes then I will place a pokeloot somewhere on the map with a latias in it and post a screenshot of the location. :3
  7. basmoq7

    No. 1 Forums NoLyfe <o/

    No. 1 Forums NoLyfe <o/
  8. basmoq7

    Buying Shaymin

    Requirements: 5IV Preferably -- sp. Atk Jolly nature Thank You! BTW my IGN is Ch3rn0byl
  9. basmoq7

    We need HMs

    Couldn't agree more
  10. basmoq7

    Team Bidoof!!!

    Hard to say but probably Shaymin-Sky Ch3rn0byl EST Life#4689
  11. basmoq7

    Survival Server

    If you have a donor rank you can just use /warp wild1 (or wild2, wild3, and wild4)
  12. basmoq7

    Survival E4!

    Cue Ch3rn0byl bullying the E4
  13. basmoq7

    Connection Troubles

    Nevermind tried a few minutes later and everything is fine.
  14. basmoq7

    Connection Troubles

    Whenever I try to join the server it says that I am not whitelisted. Any ideas?
  15. basmoq7

    I need help connecting to the server

  16. basmoq7

    The Tournament -- Survival

    The Tournament ================================================================================================================================= Rewards: 1st: 2 Million ₽ + Shiny Pokemon + Name and Team Entered Into Hall of Fame 2nd: 1 Million + Z-Crystal 3rd: 500k + Battle Item of Choice...
  17. basmoq7

    Favourite Non-Legendary & Legendary Pokemon?

    My favorite non-legendary would be Gliscor and my favorite legendary would be Giratina-Origin
  18. basmoq7

    Well, hello!

  19. basmoq7

    Happy Birthday Rebel

    Happy Birthday Rebel