1. Aidan1111119

    There is a staff account named admin

    The title says it all. Just go to members and under staff members there is an admin account named admin.
  2. Aidan1111119

    Has the forums died?

    So as you can see I was on a little today and I noticed that other than what I have posted and one other post the most recent post was on Tuesday, so that makes me ask the question, has the forums died? I mean one post since Tuesday? I mean maybe staff apps or ban appeals have something but I...
  3. Aidan1111119

    Aidan1111119's intro

    Hello, you probably don't know me and I probably don't know you but I figured i would do this so people could know more about me. What to start off with... I know. I pretty much have no life outside of video games. If I had to say my favorite game it would be tos. (If you don't know what tos...