1. Rorological

    Prize pool menu for Crates

    While this is possible to do and has been brought up between the admins in the past, it was decided that we would not let players get a preview of the crate. Thank you for your suggestion though!
  2. Rorological

    Survival Diamond is now Released!

    What's up baccas! I'm proud to announce that our new Diamond Survival server now is live! This server is being recorded by Bajan Canadian, you can check him out here or see his first video on the server at This server is going to be a little different this time, the server will start out...
  3. Rorological


    As much as the feature would be nice, it's something that can not be done at the moment. It simply just isn't part of the mod that we are using on the server. Once the server starts to settle down a bit, and blade and the devs get the time to look at it, it could be possible to code in a way to...
  4. Rorological

    GTS Tweaks

    You can ignore the messages, the command is on the board in viridian
  5. Rorological

    Will add when I get home

    Will add when I get home