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  1. ConConCorp

    New Survival Servers!

    survival ooga booga sounds better
  2. ConConCorp

    Pokemon Survival Tourement

    ill join IGN ConConCorp
  3. ConConCorp

    Enymu's Halloween building competition!

    Name(s) (Include your team mates if you have any): ConConCorp Coordinates so I can find your build if you are not online: -1830, 66, -57 Discord if you wish to have your build in private/secret: ConConCorp Basic description of your build (leave blank if you're not sure yet): A haunted tower
  4. ConConCorp

    Enymu's Halloween building competition!

    My name is ConConCorp in the server or Connor Norris is my real name. I have a group but we did not work together. the coordinates of the build are -1830, 66. -57. I am making a two part thing first is the meeting area the place that the cords go to. then youll follow the path to my tower of...
  5. ConConCorp

    Enymu's Halloween building competition!

    Oh boy something to do got a good start thus far. gonna be a big display hopefully
  6. ConConCorp

    Random Story

    and beat Saskue
  7. ConConCorp

    The weeb room

    well... a very touchy subject but all traps are to evac
  8. ConConCorp

    The weeb room

    Talk about anime stuff here.