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  1. Bladehell

    Brand New Tokens!

    What up Players! Over the last little bit we've been working on getting some new development work done for new features we want to add to the server, we've got big things planned that I don't want to give away just yet, but the first of these updates is out now on our store! That is, Pixel...
  2. Bladehell

    Survival Alpha Reset

    What Up Players! As most people saw we polled our community with the idea of resetting the Survival Alpha server. This was not a decision I wanted to make lightly and after talking with staff and the community, I have decided to go through and do a reset of the map. What does this mean? What...
  3. Bladehell


    There is currently a "Daycare" sidemod however last time i tried it didn't work. Once other priorities are taken care of we may look back into this more.
  4. Bladehell


    Because then everyone would have those legendarily pokemon and they would no longer be worth anything.
  5. Bladehell In Game Rules

    1. No Hacking/Cracked Clients, Cheats, Hacks, ect. Using any of the above or any program that gives you any cheated advantage and modifies your game in any way will result in a ban without warning. This may include DDoSing, Dosing, Doxing, threats of the previous mentions, and/or Swatting. 2.No...