Halloween is right around the corner and the Admin team has worked really hard on an event that may be a little bit different than ones we've released for you in the past!

This event will last from now until 11:59pm EST on Saturday Nov 7th. (Roughly 2 weeks)

To start the event, as we usually do, there's a small section near each server's /spawn that will warp you to the event. However, for this event, we've created a whole Halloween Island!
This Halloween Island features the following;

- A starting town where you can trade a regular Cofagrigus for a Galarian one
- Pokeloots for you to find around the Island
- A spooky mansion with a hedge maze around the back
- 9 Daily Bosses and 1 Weekly Boss within the Halloween Mansion which have a chance to grant you a Halloween Key
- 22 Brand New Halloween Textures also available on the Pokeplay Store!
- The Pixelmon that spawn on the Island also have a chance to appear as their Halloween Forms, as well as certain increased Shiny Chances.
- ....and maybe a few surprise scares for you to find out when you least expect them....

If that wasn't enough, you will also have the limited opportunity to summon a Halloween Textured Legendary Bird of your choice when you use the bird shrines on October 31st (EST)!

We hope you guys will enjoy this new style of event and be sure to let us know what you think of it. With that, the entire Pokeplay Staff Team wishes you all a Happy Halloween!

(Be sure to download the newest version of our Resource Pack to ensure you can see the new Halloween Skins!

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