Adventure Servers Needs An Update: Here's my idea.

Mar 9, 2019
Its no secret that adventure servers are on the decline. So what should PokePlay do about it? Should Pokeplay make a prestige system, maybe host more event, or press the reboot button on the every adventure server. Im not sure about you but resetting the adventure servers will bring back old/OG players while also bringing new people to the server that didnt want to play on a server thats nearly 2 years old. ALPHA *cough* *cough*. So, heres how I think it should be done:

First Pokeplay announces a massive Pokeplay tournament that every player from each adventure server participates in. Maybe the top 15 from each server using the ranking system for an epic season finally event before each server reboots.

Second season of Pokeplay Adventure server: Rather than making 7 diffrent survival server make it 1 or 2 as i doubt Pokeplay will need more than this. (Each server holds 100 players). Also why not call the one of the server alpha and beta or something. If their is more needed i suggest only adding one more additional server.

And that is how you save adventure servers from its eventual downfall.
P.S You can only transfer ranks on one server. I also know that alpha has been rebooted in its 2yr span. I just thnk that it could be fully rebooted and start from scratch.
May 29, 2020
Each adventure server has their own inner communities, in my opinion doing this ruins the communities. OP alone on release was bringing in 50-60 players at times even without Jerome streaming, the 100 player cap would most likely be exceeded but that is just my stance on it.
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