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1. Can we please get sponge in the shop. It is practically impossible to obatain it naturally.
2. Can we be allowed to buy commands, even if they cost alot.
3.Add A move relearner at spawn.


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Sponges can be dropped by various pokemon in the ocean such as qulfish or found in sea temples, and move relearners can be found in the wild often in extreme hills biomes if you need one.

And the commands won't happen


Commands can be bought with the ranks, like /ivs /evs /hatch /pokeheal and /pc. You cannot get other commands like /breed, because they are too op. And, I highly doubt will ever be added to the store. If you mean the in game store, like Ninjaexry said it would not be possible because then there is no point in buying our ranks. Sponge can be gotten by fainting pokemon and, move relearns can be found in the wild like Ninjaexry said.

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