Alpha Staff E4


Sep 5, 2018
the Land of Maple Syrup, Kanuhduh
Welcome to the Staff E4 Season 3
What’s up bacca's! With this new season, we bring you a brand new challenge to face on the Alpha Survival Server. This is where the strongest Staff members have gathered to bring you guys a new world of battling. Just like the Elite Four you all know, we will have five of the toughest trainers to face off against. This is meant to be challenge for veteran players but new players or anyone are welcome to come challenge us! Those who beat us will be rewarded generously.

With a new season, the Hall of Fame will be changed as well. The top champion (most time beat) for a season will be displayed on a podium. Each season, we will reset the Hall of Fame, but do not worry, we will mark the effort of those who have beaten us on the forums so you will not be forgotten.

Members of the elite will most likely change from time to time, but you will see some familiar faces and possibly some new faces as well if you do decide to challenge us.

First E4 will be: Ghost/Ice
Second E4 will be Psychic/Dark
Third E4 will be Fire/Water
Fourth E4 will be Ground/Steel
The champion will not have a typing or theme associated so get ready for their team!

In the spirit of fairness, we have added Pokeheal signs in each Elite Four room, so there is no need to bring your own healing items. We have also collectively decided on a set of rules and battle clauses which will have to be respected.

The rules are as follows:
  • Only 1 Legendary/Mythical/Ultra Beast per team
  • No switching Pokemon or items in between battles
  • Do not skip the line
  • When waiting in line do not send out your Pokemon
  • Do not talk about the E4 teams
  • You can only fight the E4 once per session
  • Mega Rayquaza is banned
  • Z-Hypnosis is banned
  • Remove Nicknames from your Pokemons
  • Be respectful to other participants and E4 members
  • These are the battle clauses to be respected: Bag clause, Species clause, OHKO clause, Sleep clause, Evasion Clause, Endless battle clause and Raise to cap (100)

If any rule is broken by you, the participant, we reserve the right to disqualify you from that E4 session. This means that you will not be able to challenge us in that session or it may even lead to jailing you under some circumstances. Thank you!

Now the question you are all dying to know the answer to: what will the prizes be when you defeat the Elite four? Well here they are:
  • First time beat: 64 Rare Candies, 10 Million Pokedollars, 1 Mega Stone of choice, 1 Z-Crystal of choice and a spot in our Hall of Fame for a season.
  • Second beat+: Times E4 Beaten next to your name in the Hall of Fame.
  • First three people to beat the E4 will have special podiums in the Hall of Fame for a season.

E4 Release date
  • Every Saturday at 5PM EST if not, It will be notified here.
  • Season 3 debut this Saturday, February 8th at 5PM EST.
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