Bacon's Basics of Breeding Guide

Mar 5, 2019
This guide will contain a Basic overview of breeding.
You can ask questions about Breeding In This Post, Just reply to it and i will answer you whenever I can

Breeding is important for multiple reasons, you can be breeding for perfect IVs Pokemon, breeding to get some more of a Pokemon, or just breeding some dittos.
This guide will outline the basics, it won't include how to breed perfect Pokemon.

- For 2 Pokemon to breed, one needs to be male and one needs to be female
- The breeding Pokemon both need to be in the same Egg Group (egg groups will be explained further down the page)
- The Female (or non ditto) will determine the Pokemon the egg will be
- Ranch blocks are placed in the middle of 9x9 squares
- The breeding speed depends on the Environment (also covered down the page)

Items Used For Breeding:
Everstone - the holders nature is guaranteed to pass onto the egg
Destiny knot - The egg will have 5 IVs from Both parents
Ranch Block - Most important item for breeding, placed in the middle of a 9x9 square with the necessary breeding blocks for the Pokemon breeding (explained later)
Ranch Upgrade - Increases the area of breeding by 1 outwards per upgrade used. (max of 15x15)
Power items - the holders current IV of that corresponding stat will pass onto the egg
Incense - Allows the parent to produce a 'baby' Pokemon as an egg if it is holding the corresponding incense for that Pokemon

Breeding Stages
There are 5 Total stages of breeding, each meaning that the breeding is becoming closer to its completion and you will be able to collect the egg.
Stage 1 - Grey
Stage 2 - Purple
Stage 3 - Blue
Stage 4 - Yellow
Stage 5 - Red
When the hearts are red, you can collect your egg

Breeding Restrictions:
- There needs to be a male and female breeding.
- Both parents need to be in the same egg group
- Genderless Pokemon can only breed with dittos

Egg groups:
For Pokemon to be able to breed, they need to have at least 1 egg group in common with the other Pokemon breeding
There are 15 total egg groups, 2 are special egg groups and will be explained shortly
The 13 other egg groups are as follows (with links to see what they contain):

Water 1:
Water 2:
Water 3:

Special Egg Groups

The ditto egg group only consists of ditto.
The only way that you can breed a genderless Pokemon is with dittos
Ditto can breed with any other Pokemon except for Pokemon in the 'undiscovered' Egg group (explained next)
You can breed 2 dittos together and it will give you a random non-legendary Pokemon (you can still get Ultra Beasts though)
Special Note: You can breed manaphy (and phione) with a ditto and get a phione

Pokemon in this egg group consist of Pokemon that cannot breed, and are mostly legendaries, mythics, Ultra beasts and 'baby' Pokemon
No matter what, these Pokemon will not be able to breed with anything.

-- To Find out What Egg group a certain Pokemon is in, you can look it up to find out --

The Environment that a Pokemon is breeding is is extremely important, it will determine the speed of breeding, and allow the Pokemon to be able to breed in the first place.
Use - - to see what blocks you need placed for the ground, for the Pokemon that are breeding - blocks are on type. Doing 1/2 (40 blocks) of the blocks to suit one Pokemon, and 1/2 (again, 40 blocks) of the blocks to for the other Pokemon, and the 'breeding Value' is higher than 2, the Pokemon will breed if they meet all other requirements.
If The Pokemon is a dual type, you can use blocks for either of its types.
The 'Breeding Value' for dual type Pokemon gets Halved.

Breeding can give Shiny Pokemon!
Things that do NOT effect the shiny Chance:
- If a Parent is shiny
- If Both Parents are shiny
- If parents have bred lots
- Breeding Environment Being the Best
Things that DO effect the shiny Chance:
- If the Parents have Different OTs (OT stands for original trainer)

Shiny Eggs have the same chance as a normal wild Pokemon shiny (1/4096) if not effected.

Egg Moves:
Some Pokemon can only know a certain move if one of their parents knows it while breeding.
Usually, you need to breed 2 Different Pokemon. the Female will be the egg, when the egg hatches, It will know moves from the parents
--Important-- Pokemon can only know moves that are in their movepools, and will not be able to learn any moves that they shouldn't be able to know.

Hidden Abilities:
Hidden Abilities (or HAs) can be passed on while breeding.
HAs can only be passed on from the Female parent - it is a 60% chance
When a HA is breeding with a ditto, there is a 60% chance for the egg to hatch with the HA
Eggs cannot hatch with a hidden ability if the female does not have HA and the male does.
An Egg Cannot Become HA if the parent isnt and the ditto is.
No matter what, if neither parent is HA, the egg Cannot be HA.

You can obtain some normally unobtainable sizes through breeding, Microscopic (smallest) and Ginormous (biggest).
How sizes work is typically the mid point between the sizes of the Pokemon breeding, however it will not always be the mid point of the sizes, it can range between the smallest and biggest sizes of the parents breeding (the sizes closest to the midpoint of the parents are more common)
If both parents have the same size there is a 33.33% chance that the size will go up or down 1. (this is how to get microscopic or ginormous)
If the parents are 1 size apart, the egg can hatch either size, or sometimes 1 outside that range.

Hourglasses speed up breeding!
Note: their actual names are Isi's Silver hourglass and Isi's Gold Hourglass
Hourglasses are one time use.
There are 2 types of hourglasses, silver and gold
Used on a Pokemon that is breeding (right click it) speeds up its breeding by one stage!
Used on the Ranch Block (right click it) increases the breeding stage of all Pokemon breeding by one stage.

Egg Cycles:
Eggs hatch when they are in your party by the distance (blocks) you have traveled
One Egg cycle is about 257 steps
Depending on what Pokemon is in the egg, it will take longer to hatch.
Egg cycles come in 5, 10, 15, 20, 40 and 120
The amount of steps needed to completely hatch an egg will not always be exactly 257 x the amount of egg cycles
Pokemon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armour Halve the Distance needed to hatch eggs
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Jul 16, 2019
question. how do you know which Pokemon is going to come out? because I tried to breed my Tyranitar with an Aron that had Iron Head on it and the egg hatched an Aron instead of a Larvitar. So are the hatches random or do you need to do something specific in order to get that specific Pokemon?


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