Basmoq "intro" 2.0

Sep 9, 2018
Hello there, welcome to my 2nd intro because the first one was sad.

About Me:
I am a high school student who is trying to balance homework, marching band, soccer/futbol, and YouTube at the same time. I am known for being toxic but helpful and being a tryhard in most things I do. I have played pixelmon on and off since Pokeballers but I mainly played Skywars and Eggwars. I also enjoy reading LitRPG books and it is a genre I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in quest storylines.

My story on Pokeplay:
I have played Pokeplay since about a month after it became public and have mostly played Alpha but some may remember me on kanto and blue. However, back to the point, Alpha is where I was actually cool. I was pretty much the average trainer until early October when I submitted a helper application and decided to take pixelmon seriously. I started buying tons of perfs (thanks deton) and became known for my battling prowess; especially after a tournament that I won after beating the man the myth the legend Super_Connor, who started the Dusclops stall strat. Around that time in mid October I was accepted as a helper and held that rank for about 3 months before losing it after Winter Break due to inactivity without telling anyone (completely my fault). This proved to be a big blow to my motivation to play and I only played off and on, switching to hypixel and wynncraft to fill the void. However, that was not permanent, and about 2 months ago, I returned! I now have 43rd spot on the leaderboards and have beaten many of the big names on the leaderboard on occasion. I have also bullied Jerome's pokemon twice on-stream and am disappointed in his item choice and lack of care about natures. I am now Silver rank (thanks Chaos, Ill build u another house) and my IGN is TheSpectqtor if you want to fight.

Cya all on Alpha!


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