Before you ask these things, read the survival server guide.


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Jan 5, 2019
As many know helpers are in high demand on the server and not everyone can be helped at once. Read this if you feel bad for helpers and don't wanna ask them questions which can simply be explained at once. So this is just an faq for survival

1.Are there kits?
2019-01-27_18.41.44.png Yes, this is your daily vote crate, you can right click the sign shown here every 24h to claim 1 daily vote key, you can get an ev vitamin, a random evolution stone, 5 rare candies, a lucky egg, or an exp share. Or you can use the nether star for a beacon if you want. There is also a kit you can claim one time only at spawn when you /spawn there is a sign there which will give you 5 steak, a set of stone tools, and 1 golden claim shovel, any golden shovel works for a claim shovel.
2.How can I leave spawn?
These are at the end of the road in spawn, you will go through a large mountain where the crates are, then at the end is a red building, the pokemon center. When you first enter, to your left is these signs. Right clicking them will teleport you to 1 of 4 predesignated areas around the world you can use to leave spawn quickly and get an easy teleport to nearby coordinates in events such as Night's favorable scavenger hunt.
3.Where do I get ranks?
do /buy and from there you can get store links by clicking on the selections that pop up in chat.
4.Where can I heal my pokemon?
At the end of the road in the same building as the warps aka the pokemon center.
5.How do I get a master ball?
Event crates, legendary bosses have a 1% chance to drop, and buying from players
6.How do I get to spawn?
7.If I die do I lose my stuff?
Good question, no. Its to prevent tp traps and such.
8.Someone is spamming! No staff are on, how do I report it?
either take screenshots and send to a helper in discord or in the pokeplay discord in #ingame-support, or report to a staff on another pokeplay server.
9.How do I get to hub or another server on pokeplay?
The way you get to other servers is using /server (server you want) so kanto, johto, or hub1 for hub and no, hub2 doesn't exist.
10.What are rich boy trainers?

2019-01-27_20.11.06.png These types of trainers will drop large sums of money upon defeat. This bounty can be increased by having a pokemon enter the trainer fight in general, or one using happy hour, they both stack so feel free to use a happy hour with a raichu holding an amulet coin (5% drop from meowth which spawn in plains night time) and gain a lot of money. :)
If you encounter a legendary, and have no masterballs or ultra balls and your pokemon all faint, best thing to do is sell a teleport to the legendary to 1 player and let them catch for you or let them take for money. You alternatively could just let it despawn by leaving it, but people will hate you for that. (also never say anything in all caps)
12.I just got scammed :(
Unfortunately if you don't take screenshots of the deal before it was scammed, helpers can't do anything. Try to get the scammer to admit it.
13.How do I claim?

This is at spawn btw.
14.are abbreviated swear words allowed? or "dang"?
no. don't ask me why, admins apparently decided it wasn't allowed as 5 yr olds steal minecraft accounts sometimes.
15.Does the shop sell quartz or glowstone?
I wish...
16.Where do bosses most commonly spawn?
forest, desert, and extreme hills, bosses spawn in all biomes besides end/nether, but these have the largest variety hence they get more mega boss spawns.
17.My nether portal isn't working/How do I get to another dimension?
End and nether are disabled. Sad but true
18.My pokemon won't mega evolve!
First of all, you must have killed a mega boss before this. If you decided not to equip the mega ring, theres a blank space in the bottom left of your inventory screen. If you click that, you can equip your mega ring, secondly the pokemon must be holding it's respective mega stone to mega. In the fight menu there will be an option to mega evolve, you can mega evolve and use a move. Mega evolving can be done at any turn in a battle, only 1 pokemon can mega evolve per battle although multiple may hold the mega stone at once. To mega evolve, with default controls send out your pokemon with the mega stone and you holding the ring and press b, then press g. There will be an animation of the pokemon mega evolving. If you would like it to unmega evolve, retrieve your pokemon and throw it out again. 6 pokemon can be mega evolved at once as that is how many pokemon you may hold.
19.How come I can't buy anything from the pokemart? (located at spawn)
Either 1. You don't have enough money for the amt it costs, or your inventory doesn't have enough space.
20.Where can I get TMs?
In the pokemart at the back is a 2x4 area of elevator blocks, stand on it and jump to go to the next floor, to go down shift instead. All TMs are there, HMs are not sold though.
21.Can I kill people on here?
Pvp is disabled, but you are allowed to kill players with lava apparently
22.Can I ask a ranked player to check IVs and EVs for me?
You are now :D
23.Can I send people 0$ a lot at once?
Do it and you will be in a lot of trouble *cough* bacon *cough*
24.My blocks all look like this! 2019-02-06_18.14.26.png Don't worry, your game isn't dying. This is a texture glitch to fix it on pc, consecutively press f3 and t. On mac press fn, f3, and t. This is known as a game crasher. Warning, it may crash your game if your pc isn't strong enough to handle it. But usually it works and will take about 10 seconds to render textures.
25.I can't tp to my friends
You need to have a rank to tp, not donar as donating for 1 key won't give permission to tp.
26.How much is a rank?
Depends what rank. The prices are listed on
27.Is everything a pay thing?
Pretty much everything you must pay for besides the ability to join and play pixelmon at all and your 2 kits, and whatever you can get from players.
28.Can I increase the chance of a shiny?
No. It will always be 1 in 4096 unless blade changes it.
29.What is HA?
Hidden ability. For example, shuckle's hidden ability is contrary, all pokemon who have a hidden ability (most), only have it's normal ability (1-2) and or the hidden ability.
30.What is the chance of a hidden ability?
Although some pokemon such as gengar and hydreigon don't have a hidden ability, the chance to get a hidden ability on a pokemon which can have one is 1/150. You can either catch 150 of a pokemon, or send a pokemon with the ability "Trace" and at the start of the battle it will take on the ability of the opponent's pokemon and show you what it's ability is.
31.I'm stuck in a battle
Either 1.Do /endbattle, or 2.Do alt f4 consecutively to restart your game.
32.My pokemon are missing!
Unless you have a screenshot of it, staff can't give it back.
33.Where are the shrines at?
Heres a list.
Articuno shrine - -1904 71 -5728
Zapdos Shrine - 3555 76 -2417
Moltres Shrine - 2441 96 -3717
Timespace Altar - -2096 79 -5369
Mesa - 2579 103 -3732
34.Why am I doing this? because people ask these things a lot and I was told I knew nothing about common questions... debunked that theory Finished:6:34 PM 2/6/19
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