-=[Beginners Guide]=-

Sep 3, 2018
Hello beginners of PokePlays / Pixelmon in general!
Here is a guide on where / how to install /download Pixelmon!
You may download the mod at https://www.reforged.gg
For those of you who think the link looks suspicious, just search up Pixelmon Mod Reforged!
This following video is excellent for showing how to set your Pixelmon up!
Side note : during the step that requires you to find your forge launcher, if you don't see it between 1.12.2 and 1.12.3, the launcher may be at the very bottom of your list of launchers/versions
After all of this, you are ready to start and become the very best that no one ever was!
Once you join the server @play.pokeplay.io , it is suggested to download the resource pack the server has to offer. After you load the texture pack, you may choose one of the two available realms (maybe more realms in the future)
Here is a general overview of each realm!
Kanto : Play Pokemon Red all over again! Except now, in a more or less first person 3-D view! If you enjoyed Pokemon Red previously or want to play it again so you don't need to restart your saved file for Pokemon Red, you can play here and follow the same path you did for when you played the real game!
Survival : quite literally the name of the realm. Here you spawn in a world with Pokemon from all the possible regions the game has to offer! (Not Alolan, I believe reforged couldn't add Alolan or it'd be sued by the real Pokemon company). You can mine for ores, make your own pokeballs, build up the best possible team without being restricted to one generation! You can also release your inner builder and build amazing structures alongside the rest of the community!

For those of you beginners who made it to the end, I wish you a wonderful journey and go catch them all!


Pokemon is owned by the Pokemon Company a subsidiary of Nintendo. Pixelmon is owned by Pixelmon Reforged