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i noticed since the clear lag alot of players lose their stuff due to glitches lag or accidental drops, it would be very appreciated if at least the drop clear for shulkers will be disabled
then we would'nt at least lose everything we worked and payed for.
i've worked myself with clear lag b4 and you can change those settings in the config.yml it says what to clear, set all of them to 'shulkers:false'
also the timer goes off way to often, it should be put once every 10 minutes-ish otherwise you just make server lags to remove server lags


on behalve of nearly all players in the red server


Sorry but it's decided, this won't be implemented. We give a clear warning when the clearlag happens so its just your responsibility to make sure you don't drop your items during that time.

It should also be noted that your method of not clearing shulkers is not correct, at least on our version.

Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately it'll have to be declined.

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