Commands And Command Use For Ranked and Unranked Players

Mar 5, 2019
If There Any I Have Missed, Please Reply To The Post With The Command - If You Have Any Questions, Feel Free To Reply To This Post And I Will Try To Get To It As Fast As Possible
These Commands Are For The Survival Servers, But MOST Apply For The Regional Servers

Unranked Commands (Trainer):
- Warps you to spawn
Usage: /spawn

/server - transfers you to the specified server within pokeplay
Usage: /server <server name>
Note: The "hub" server is called hub1

/pay - Pays a player the specified amount
Usage: /pay <player> <amount>
Note: it uses your money and you cant /pay someone more than you have

/home set - Sets a home warp
Usage: /home set <home name>

/home - Warps you to your set home
Usage: /home <home name>

/tpaccept - Accepts someones tp request (same as /tpyes)
Usage: /tpaccept
Usage: /tpyes

/tpdeny - Denies someones tp request (sane as tpno)
Usage: /tpdeny
Usage: /tpno

/abandonclaim - Unclaims the claim you are currently standing in
Usage: /abandonclaim

/abandonallclaims - Unclaims all your existing claims
Usage: /abandonallclaims

/claimsetspawn - Sets a “claimspawn”
Usage: /claimsetspawn

/claimspawn - Warps you to the set claimspawn Important [Only works in the claim]
Usage: /claimspawn

/warp crates - Warps you to the area with all the crates in it at spawn
Usage: /warp crates

/leaderboard - Lets you see the leaderboard for the competition (/lb also works)
Usage: /lb

/joinqueue - Joins the queue to battle in the competition
Usage: /joinqueue

/leavequeue - Leaves the queue to battle in the competition (only works if you are in the queue)
Usage: /leavequeue

/ignore - you will not receive any messages in chat from the ignored person
(true = ignored, false = not ignored)
Usage: /ignore <player name> true
Usage: /ignore <player name> false

/trust - Allows a player to break, place and interact with entities and blocks in your claimed area
Usage: /trust <player name>

/containertrust - Allows a player to interact with “containers” within the claim. Chests, Trade Machines, PCs, etc.
Usage: /containertrust <player name>

/managertrust - Allows a player to manage trusts in your claim
Usage: /managertrust <player name>
/untrust - Revokes any trusts a player has in your claim that you are in, it doesn’t matter what trust they have
Usage: /untrust <player name>

/trustlist - Shows a list of all the trusted people in the claim you are in
Usage: /trustlist

Ranked Commands:
These Commands are For Ranked Players, Ranks are Bought With Real Money, They Can Be Bought Here -

/Kit - Collects your Daily Kit
Usage: /kit <rankname> (if you are Bronze for example it would be /kit Bronze)

Bronze Rank Commands:
- Heals the Pokemon in your party
Usage: /pokeheal
Note: The command does not work if you run /pheal.

/ivs - Shows the IVs (individual Values) of a Pokemon in your party.
Usage: /ivs <slot>

/evs - Shows the EVs (Effort Values) of a Pokemon in your party.
Usage: /evs <slot>
/tpa - Tps you to a person (they have to accept it)
Usage: /tpa <name>

/tpahere - Tps a person to you (they need to accept it)
Usage: /tpahere <name>

/warp - Warps you to specific locations (only wild warps)
Usage: /warp wild <number>

Silver Rank Commands:
- Opens up your pc
Usage: /pc

/anvil - Opens up an anvil menu
Usage: /anvil

/workbench - Opens up a crafting table
Usage: /workbench
Usage: /wb

Gold Rank Commands:
- checks nearby spawns
Usage: /checkspawns
Note: there are many variants you can add onto this command, which are very useful
Usage: /checkspawns <variant>
Variants: Legendary, Megaboss, fishing (only works when fishing) and <player>

/enderchest - Opens up your enderchest
Usage: /enderchest
Usage: /echest
Usage: /ec

/tradesim - Simulates a trade
Usage: /tradesim <slot> <other slot>
Note: /tradesim is mainly used to evolve trade evo pokemon without needing another person to trade with.
Note 2: /tradesim <slot> karrablast and /tradesim <slot> shelmet can evolve karrablast and shelmet without needing the other to trade with.

/redeemfossil - Redeems a fossil (hold fossil in hand and use command)
Usage: /redeemfossil
Note: The fossil pokemon you get from it goes straight into your party

Master Rank Commands:
/kit masterw -
Redeems your weekly master kit
Usage: /kit masterw

/hatch - Hatches an egg
Usage: /hatch <slot>
Note: hatches pokemon eggs, gained from breeding (Here if you want help with breeding - - )
Note 2: /hatch has a cooldown
Champion Rank Commands:
/kit championw
- Redeems your weekly champion kit
Usage: /kit championw

/hiddenpower - Find out your pokemons hidden power! - it shows what type your pokemons hidden power attack will be!
Usage: /hiddenpower <slot>

- Final note -
This is not final and complete, i am sure there is some here that i am missing, if anyone sees something I am missing, or just has a general question about commands, just reply to the post and I will reply as soon as I can
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Jan 5, 2019
/sethome works too xD

Also serious ones with /server
/server hub1
/server kanto
/server Johto
/server hoenn
/server survival
/server bluesurvival
/server pinksurvival
/server yellowsurvival
/server diamondsurvival
probably not all because I stopped counting after like 9 million, but you get the point


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