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Alright, so this suggestion might be a little out there in terms of feasibility, but I think the community would greatly appreciate a reworked queue. In its current state, players can hardly make any headway on the leader-boards without a full team of perfect legendaries. Sure, you could argue that with skill and a correctly bred competitive team you might stand a chance, but the effort that goes into such things is ridiculous; and even if one does manage to set up a viable team, they're still liable to be shut down by shiny primal groudons rolled from crates. Essentially, free to play members are discouraged in every way from participating in the queue. In the past, the server has done things such as allowing access to /ivs and /evs to free to play players, which leads me to believe the current competitive environment is an impediment for the server's goals.

Now, how could this be fixed? Well that's where the feasibility is called into question. I have a few broad suggestions that anyone in the comments is welcome to build upon. Firstly, the queue could be restricted to Smogon's OU format. This would reduce the power inflation that we see in the current ladder. In addition, new players would probably be able to make more headway without a traditionally competitive team. To do this, the plugin would somehow have to compare both participants' Pokemon to a blacklist (some sort of array).

An even better and more far fetched solution would be to implement multiple ladders based on Smogon's different tiers. The current queue is essentially Anything Goes and I'm sure many players prefer that format (maybe it would be far to take it away from them). If there was both an OU ladder and an Anything Goes/Uber ladder, I personally think the competitive scene of pokeplay would be greatly improved. Now is this possible? I don't know, but it's just my thoughts on how the server, which has expressed interest in fostering a competitive community in the past, could achieve that goal.

Next, we NEED leaderboard resets. Players tend to grind to the top and stay there which isn't the point of a ladder. A leaderboard should show who is the best player. Currently, it is possible for someone to completely quit the server and remain in the top 5 for months. Typically, competitive formats have season resets. If none of my previous suggestions are implemented, I highly recommend incorporating this one in some form. If we're talking particulars, I think the leaderboard should be reset every two months.

Again, these are vague ideas and I have no clue how possible it would be to implement them; I simply think they would save the competitive scene and encourage everyone to play, instead of only people with access to crates. As someone with master rank, I would love to see more widespread participation in team building and battling.


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