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Hello everyone! My name is was Ninjaexry, I played for around 2 years 2017-2019 and was a helper on blue before getting too busy to play, and thought I would come back for a bit of nostalgia but noticed the General section was flooded with old guides, I was wondering if they could be moved to their own section and the best be pinned while still allowing players to make their own guides which won't get buried as much.

Also if you're wondering why I made a new account, I forgot my password and the password reset email never came :c

Anyways, thats all, ciao
why am I banned
this is not where you ask that, you ask in the ban support on the discord server. and there is a section on the forumns where you can make a ban apeal.It is labelled Ban Apeals click on that then in the top right hand cornerthere is a button that says post ban apeal, click that then fill out the form.

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